Tonight on Survivor season 40, we will watch as one castaway finds out that their closest ally in the game was voted out by their tribe at the last Tribal Council. Also, one castaway will find themselves in a bit of hot water when they reveal a little too much information to their fellow tribemates on Survivor. Will they find them untrustworthy and vote them out? Keep refreshing this page to find out!

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We started tonight’s episode off with Rob getting Amber’s fire token, but he doesn’t know where it came from. He is assuming that it is from his wife and he is pretty upset that it could mean that Amber was voted out.

On Sele, Denise and Ben go for a walk and while they are out on their walk, they find a two-piece idol and she has to decide who she wants to give it to. Ben tells her that they can use this to pull someone else in because it’s powerless unless you have both pieces. She has until sundown to decide. Adam is able to talk Denise into giving him the other half of the idol instead of bringing Parvati into their little group. Over on Dakal, Kim finds another immunity idol that is in two pieces and she brings Sophie in on this secret and gives her the other half of it. At this point, we are 10 minutes into the episode and there are now three idols in play.

Over on EOE, Amber and Natalie get a clue, but Amber is not sure what it is. Natalie is pretty sure that this is going to lead her to a way to get another fire token. After searching together for a while, Amber starts to think that nothing is going to happen today and that this clue was just to get their minds going. Natalie keeps looking and finds something inside the well. It’s a secret advantage that she can sell to someone on the island. It’s a Safety without Power advantage which will allow someone to get up and leave Tribal Council before the votes are cast. They will not be able to vote, but they also won’t be able to be voted off. Natalie chooses to send this advantage to Jeremy for his fire token and he accepts the advantage.

It is time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge! Before the challenge, Rob finds out that Amber was voted out and he is not happy at all. In this challenge, they will race out with a cart to get three keys. They will then get three chests, onto their cart. When they get to the end, they will then have to take their pieces out of the chest and put together their puzzle. The first tribe to finish will not only get immunity, but they will win a reward. The reward is a spice set!

Both teams were neck and neck in this challenge until Sele got stuck in the sandpit. Rob and Denise worked pretty quickly to try and catch up on their puzzle. Unfortunately, no matter how fast they tried to go, they just couldn’t catch up and Dakal beat Sele pretty brutally. Rob is angry with himself for allowing the emotions from Amber being voted off bother him during the challenge. Meanwhile, Danni is feeling pretty left out of all the conversations back at camp.

Danni, Jeremy, and Parvati’s names have all been mentioned in different talks and it’s hard to tell which one of them is really the target. Who would you like to see go tonight?

It is time for Tribal Council! There is a lot of talk about old school and new school and how hard it is to keep up with the pace of the game. How there are rumors about alliances. The paranoia is starting to set in with a lot of the castaways and then all of a sudden, the whispering started. Then the castaways start talking about idols and everyone literally starts emptying their bags to prove that they don’t have an idol. Meanwhile, Denise and Adam have half of an idol and they are able to keep that hidden from the group. It is time for the vote!

Jeff gets the votes and tallies them up. He tells everyone if anyone wants to play an immunity idol, now is the time to do so. No one uses an idol, the votes are read off:

  • Parvati
  • Danni
  • Danni
  • Danni
  • Danni
  • Danni

With five votes, Danni has been voted off the island and sent to EOE to see Natalie and Amber. She chooses to give her fire token to Denise on her way out.

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