Tonight on Survivor: Winners at War, we will watch as Adam goes on an apology tour after blowing up his alliances game last week. Will his alliance turn their backs on him after finding out that he was playing both sides of the tribe? Refresh this page frequently to find out right here with our Survivor season 40 live recap! If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor, you can get all caught up with our recap right here!

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We started tonight’s episode off with Adam trying to do damage control with his alliance while Boston Rob goes to Parvati and explains to her that Adam was playing both sides. Adam realizes that he is lucky to be there considering his game blew up.

On Dakal, Sophie, Nick, and some of the others are standing on the beach and they can see the EOE from their beach. Reminds Sophie that anything can happen from day to day in this game.

On the EOE, Amber finds a clue. It says that they all have a chance to earn a fire token, they have to carry firewood one log at a time from the top of the steps all the way down to the beach. They each have a stack of 20 logs at the top of the stairs, but there is more. They only have until sundown to finish this task and earn a fire token. Natalie is flying through this challenge and Ethan starts to get pretty tired around log 10. He wanted to be done first, but halfway through he just wanted to finish the task. Ethan ends up stopping and medical comes out to check on him and his blood pressure is really low. He did 16 trips, only had 4 more to go. The medic told him that if he wants to go on, he has to make sure that he rests in between.

Natalie was the first to finish, Amber finished second, Danni finished third and Ethan did end up finishing the task before sundown. After watching him struggle, the three ladies went up the stairs with Ethan while he retrieved his last log and walked back to the beach with him after he got it. It was a pretty great moment to watch. They all earned fire tokens for this challenge.

Adam is managing to dig himself a deeper hole rather than talking his tribemates out of voting him out if they lose the Immunity Challenge. Speaking of the Immunity Challenge, it is time for tonight’s challenge! They will have four tribe members tied to a boat with three people inside, they will have to pull the boat to a pole with keys hanging and one of the castaways from in the boat will have to climb and get them. They will use the keys to unlock puzzle pieces. The first tribe to solve the puzzle will win Immunity and Reward in the form of chickens.

Dakal has two more castaways so they need two people to sit out. Sandra is the first to raise her hand (surprise, surprise) and Tony sits with her. Dakal gets all their keys first and starts working on their puzzle. Sele is having a hard time getting the last key because Adam can’t seem to reach it when he jumps. He does finally get it, but Sele is really far behind. All of a sudden, Sele and Dakal are neck and neck in this challenge and Sele takes the lead while Dakal is pulling their puzzle apart! Sele manages to make the biggest comeback in Survivor history and they win Immunity and Reward for the first time since Night 3!

Back on Dakal, they start talking about voting out Nick because he blew the challenge. Tyson goes around telling everyone that the plan is for Nick and everyone agrees to vote Nick out. However, is it ever that easy? Not on Survivor! The entire tribe is planning to vote Tyson out this week. Tony then talks to Sandra about how keeping Tyson might be better for their game and Sandra knows he is right. However, she can’t trust Tyson. She says she likes revenge, but she likes $2 million more.

It is time for Tribal Council! There is a lot of talk about being starstruck by some of the other castaways and how that could stop them from voting off certain people. Everyone seemed to be on the same page going into this Tribal Council, but will the votes go the way we expect them to? It’s time to find out! Jeff has tallied the votes and tells the castaways that if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol now would be the time to use it. No one plays an idol. Here are the votes:

  • Nick – Tyson
  • Kim – Nick (because he was nervous that Tyson might have an Idol)
  • Tyson
  • Tyson
  • Tyson
  • Tyson
  • Tyson

With five votes, that is enough to send Tyson to the EOE. Looks like everyone other than Tyson and Nick voted Tyson out this week. On his way out, Tyson leaves his Fire Token to Nick.

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