The title of tonight’s episode of Survivor 42 says it all as we kick off tonight’s special 3-hour season finale. Romeo, Mike, Maryanne, Lindsay, and Jonathan have outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted the rest, but only one can go on to win Survivor 2022. Who will it be? There is still plenty of game left to play and by the end of tonight’s episode of Survivor, we will know which castaway will be $1 million richer and earn the title Sole Survivor. Keep refreshing this page and follow along with tonight’s show right here with my Survivor live recap and join in the conversation below to find out all the details of tonight’s episode including which castaway will be named this season’s winner!

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We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with the Final Five being sent to a brand new beach for their final days on the island. When they get to their new beach, they find nothing. They find out that they have to start all over again. Lindsay starts questioning Jonathan on whether or not Omar was the plan the whole time. Jonathan tells her that it was a plan for a while and she questions why he didn’t tell her that. He questions why she tried to vote him out.

After this conversation, Romeo tells the group that he has an idol and plans to use it next Tribal Council. Romeo tells us that he made a fake idol and everyone seems to think that he’s telling the truth. Mike still has an idol and Maryanne tells Lindsay that Mike said to her that he would use it for her if she needed it. Lindsay tells Maryanne that Mike made the same promise to her too. After, Lindsay talks to Mike, and Mike reassures her that he will not leave her hanging.

Back at camp, the Final Five gets tree mail that tells them that there is an advantage for the Final Five Immunity Challenge. They are then handed another envelope that has a riddle on it that will give them a clue as to where the advantage is. They can not look for the advantage until they have the clue written down on their parchment.

Lindsay is the first one to get run off, but everyone else takes a little while longer to solve it. Maryanne isn’t worried about this because she would like to see Lindsay get the advantage because she would like to go to the end with her. After running around the island for over 40 minutes, Lindsay finally finds the advantage while the others are still trying to solve their puzzle. Lindsay heads back to the camp and tells everyone that she found the advantage, but it doesn’t give any details as to what it could be.

It is time for the Final Five Immunity Challenge! They will race through a series of obstacles collecting puzzle pieces along the way and will then have to put the puzzle together. The first to finish tonight will get pasta with meat sauce, garlic bread, salad, cake, and red wine and the others will go to Tribal Council. Lindsay is then told that for her advantage, everyone will have to untie six knots at every station, but Lindsay will only have to untie one.

During the challenge, all the castaways stayed pretty close to each other. Lindsay didn’t take the lead until there was only one bag left for her. Jonathan was able to catch up to her after Lindsay dropped on one of the obstacles. Jonathan is the first to start his puzzle, Lindsay is right behind him, and Mike is right behind her. Maryanne and Romeo are still working on getting their last puzzle pieces. Maryanne gets to start her puzzle fourth and Romeo starts his puzzle shortly after. All five castaways are working on their puzzle, but Jonathan and Lindsay have a huge lead. Mike takes the lead for a split second, but Lindsay quickly takes it back. It goes back and forth between Mike and Linsday for a little while, but Mike takes the lead again.

After a lot of back and forth between Mike and Lindsay throughout the challenge, Mike pulls out the win! Mike is told that he can bring one person to have pasta with him and he chooses to bring Jonathan with him.

After their meal, Mike goes back to camp. Lindsay starts to try and convince Mike that he should use his idol on her and not Maryanne. Mike does admit to her that he promised Maryanne. After his conversation with Lindsay, he talks to Maryanne. He wonders if they can beat Lindsay. Romeo tells Maryanne that he doesn’t think they can beat Lindsay if she is in the Final Three. Maryanne agrees that she has made some moves that the Jury might appreciate more than what they have done.

It is time for Tribal Council! It is time for the vote! Jeff tells everyone that if they have an idol or an advantage to use, now is the time to do so. Mike uses his Idol on Maryanne. Maryanne decides not to use her Idol on Lindsay. Here are the votes:

  • Lindsay
  • Jonathan
  • Lindsay
  • Lindsay

With three votes, Lindsay will become the next member of our Survivor 42 Jury.

It is time for the FINAL Immunity Challenge! It is a Survivor Classic. For this challenge, the castaways will have one hand tied behind their back, they will have to drop a ball down a shoot and catch it at the bottom. At regular intervals, they will have to add another ball. If at any point they drop their ball, they will be eliminated. The last person standing will win Immunity and pick one castaway to go to Final Three with them and the other two castaways will go head to head in a fire-making challenge.

Mike is out early in the game after taking his eye off his ball for a split second. They are told to add a second ball into their shoot. Maryanne is the second castaway to drop leaving Jonathan and Romeo to battle it out. They drop the third ball and then the fourth ball. Right as Jonathan dropped his fourth ball into the shoot, a ball dropped out of the bottom of one of his tracks. That means Romeo has won the Final Immunity Challenge of the season!

After the Immunity Challenge, Jonathan starts to practice making fire. Mike asks Jonathan to talk. During their talk, Mike is trying to get into Jonathan’s head. However, that’s not going to work for Jonathan. Mike is panicking and after his talk with Jonathan, he goes to practice making fire too. Maryanne decides it might be a good idea for her to also practice just in case Romeo decides to blindside her and make her go into the fire-making challenge.

It is time for the Tribal Council! Mike knows that he is going to make a fire tonight and has a feeling it’s going to be him against Jonathan in the fire-making challenge. Romeo tells Jeff that he has decided to bring Maryanne with him into the F3 which means that Mike’s gut was right and he will be making fire with Jonathan.

It’s time to start the fire-making challenge! Jonathan gets his sparks going, but can’t sustain a flame. Mike gets a flame first and starts building his teepee around it. Jonathan gets a flame and starts adding more coconut husk. Mike’s flame starts hitting his rope while Jonathan is starting to build around his. Jonathan’s building something a little more structured than Mike’s but will it help him get a higher flame? Unfortunately, it does not and Mike’s flame burns through his rope first and has made it to the Final Three. Jonathan is clearly disappointed, but he says that his time has come. Mike is grateful that he won and it’s more rewarding to him knowing that he won against someone who is the best firestarter at camp.

After taking a look at the final three back at camp for their final day on the island, it’s time to head back to Tribal Council where the final three will answer questions from the jury. I can never keep up with the questions and answer enough to be able to type them all out, however, based on what I’m gathering, the jury is very upset with Romeo and Mike. Both of them claimed to play with integrity but lied and were both caught out in their lies. Romeo admitted to his lies which Hai respected. When everyone started going at Mike for his lies, Drea actually told everyone that she would like everyone to take a step back. She says that they all lied in this game and then says to Mike that she actually thought that his social game was on point.

Omar then asks Maryanne about her social game and when she realized her social game was messy and what the turning point for her was. She talks about a social move that she made in the game and she talks about when she took Omar out but Jonathan tells her that it wasn’t even her idea. She says that they were the first to mention it, but she was already thinking about it.

It is time for the final vote of the season to take place! After each jury member goes up to write down the name of the castaway they believe deserves to win, Jeff goes and grabs the votes. He comes back and tells them that there is no such thing as an easy season of Survivor and there is one more twist! He tells them that in Survivor 41, they read the votes off in the jungle of Fiji and they are going to do the same thing tonight! Everyone is shocked and Jeff starts reading the votes:

  • Mike
  • Maryanne
  • Maryanne
  • Maryanne
  • Maryanne
  • Maryanne (that’s enough to name Maryanne the winner!)
  • Maryanne
  • Maryanne

After Jeff names Maryanne the winner, Jeff tells them that they are going to do the after-show right here too! He calls for food and champagne for everyone. When we came back from the commercial, Jeff confirmed that the other two votes were also for Maryanne (which I added to the votes above). Most of the jury said that they were leaning towards voting for Mike to win, but Maryanne swayed them with her answers. Mike is asked how he feels about hearing that. Mike says that he is fine with it and adds that after hearing Maryanne’s story tonight, he believes that she earned this.

Jeff asks Romeo how he feels about not getting any votes after making it this far. He tells Jeff that he is leaving here with so much more than winning. He is leaving here with the ability to be who he is when he leaves here without having to hide it anymore.

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