Tonight on The Amazing Race season 32, the final four teams are heading to the Philipines! By the end of the hour, we will know which three teams will be moving on to next week’s finale of The Amazing Race. Which teams do you want to see make it to next week’s finale? If you missed last week’s episode, you can get all caught up right here with my full recap. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race.

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We start tonight’s episode off with Riley & Maddison, Will & James, Hung & Chee, and DeAngelo & Gary head to the Philipines for the first every city-sprint! When they arrive in the Philipines, they meet with Phil and no one knows what to expect. They are told that for the first time ever, they are going to be taking part in a city sprint. They will race all around the city and compete in different challenges. There won’t be any detours or roadblocks. Where they are standing is their starting area and the pit stop for this leg of the race!

They are told that their first clue is in one of the vehicles behind them and when they find them, they find out that they are looking for a traffic control officer in the middle of a busy intersection. They will reach out of their window and grab the clue from the man’s vest. Riley & Maddison and DeAngelo & Gary are the first two teams to get their next clues. Will & James and Hung & Chee both missed the clue the first time through the intersection and have to loop back around. Will & James and then Hung & Chee get their clues.

Their second task is to run a race in high heels! Riley & Maddison finish this task first, DeAngelo & Gary finish second, Hung & Chee and Will & James are right behind them. The next task has them going to the Arch of Goodwill where they will be checking the mouths of people in lion costumes. DeAngelo & Gary are the first to get their next clue, Will & James, and Riley & Maddison get theirs as well. Unfortunately, Hung & Chee are lost looking for the Arch of Goodwill.

The teams are now heading to the post office where they will choose a horse, mix the feed for the horse, and feed them in order to get their next clue. DeAngelo & Gary and Will & James are the first teams to get there. Hung & Chee have finally made it to the lion task. Will & Jame finish feeding their horse and head to their final task, DeAngelo & Gary are right behind them.

In the final task, the teams will have to identify songs from different legs of the race and match them to trunk lids with flags of the countries they heard them in. Riley & Maddison are the third team to arrive at the task and Hung & Chee have just located all the ingredients for the horse feed. None of the other teams have gotten the task and DeAngelo & Gary asked Will & James if they wanted to work together, but they were shot down. Gary & DeAngelo are so far the closest at getting the answer right missing only one flag, but the next time they got three wrong. Chee & Hung have joined the other teams at this task.

It got so hard that the three alliance teams started working together leaving Gary & DeAngelo to fend for themselves. They tried to keep them working together from Gary & DeAngelo, but they catch on and they are really upset about it. The three teams working together think that they have tried every combination of countries, but they still haven’t gotten the answer. They realize that they are supposed to be putting them in the order they heard them in the race, not as they are being played.

Riley & Maddison are the first team to get it right and head to the Pit Stop. Riley & Maddison run back and tell the other two teams and DeAngelo & Gary are taking the two-hour penalty.

Here is the order they arrived at the Pit Stop:

  1. Riley & Maddison
  2. Will & James
  3. Hung & Chee
  4. DeAngelo & Gary

The final three teams find out that they will be heading back to the states for the final leg of the race in New Orleans! Meanwhile, after their two-hour penalty, DeAngelo & Gary head to the Pit Stop where they are told that they have eliminated.

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