Tonight on The Amazing Race, we will watch as the teams depart from Tobago and head to Bogotá, Colombia for the second leg of the race. When they arrive in Bogotá, the teams will find a clue that leads them to a salt mine to search for The Yield. Refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race including what The Yield allows the teams to do.

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The Amazing Race teams are continuing the race from Tobago to Bogotá. When they get to Bogotá, they get a clue that sends them to a salt mine where they will search for an hourglass which will allow them to yield a team for 10 or 20 minutes. The first team to get to the mine is Hung & Chee, Eswar & Aparna are second to get there. The rest of the teams slowly show up after. After they all find an hourglass, they sign up for their flight time for the next morning and camp out in the mine for the night.

They then head to a bell tower where they will climb to the top and find a piece of art at the top. They will then have to deliver their piece of art to the correct place for their next clue. Riley & Maddison are the first team to finish this challenge and they have an option to use their yield at the next location. Hung & Chee are second to head there, Gary & DeAngelo are right behind them. Meanwhile, Kellie & LaVonne and Kaylynn & Haley are lost.

DeAngelo & Gary, then Hung & Chee are the first teams to get to the Roadblock of the night where one of them will have to dress as clowns and do a wheel of death and then walk a tightrope with glasses on a serving tray. Neither of these teams decided to yield anyone going into this challenge. Riley & Maddison decide not to yield anyone when they get to the Roadblock also.

Meanwhile, Gary & DeAngelo are the first team to finish and on their way to the next clue, they let Will & James know it’s a tightrope challenge. Hung & Chee are in second place, with Riley & Maddison right behind them. When DeAngelo and Gary get to their next challenge, they find out that they are attaching decorations to a giant dump truck. They have to make it identical to another truck on display there.

Chee & Hung, Riley & Maddison, and James & Will have all made it to the truck challenge. Chee & Hung are the first team to ask for a check, but the judge says it’s not right. It’s not right because one of the tubes to the horns is not attached. Meanwhile, back at the tightrope challenge, Alana is walking the tightrope and has dropped her wine bottle.

The final teams have gotten to the tightrope challenge and are working their way through it. Meanwhile, Eswar & Aparna have just gotten to the truck challenge and Michelle & Victoria are there now too. Hung & Chee are the first team to head to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. DeAngelo & Gary are the second team to head to the pit stop. Meanwhile, the final team has finished the tight rope challenge and are on their way to the truck challenge. Here is the order the teams made it to the pit stop:

  1. Hung & Chee (who also won a trip to Switzerland)
  2. DeAngelo & Gary
  3. Riley & Maddison
  4. Eswar & Aparna
  5. Victoria & Michelle
  6. Will & James
  7. Leo & Alana
  8. Kaylynn & Haley
  9. Jerry & Frank
  10. Kellie & LaVonne

As the last team to the Pit Stop, Kellie & LaVonne have been eliminated. The final 5 teams had a really hard time with the truck challenge because they didn’t read the whole clue. They didn’t realize that they had to hook up the horn.

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