Now that we watched as the teams on The Amazing Race raced through Germany, now it’s time to watch as they travel to Kazakhstan. While in Kazakhstan, the teams will have to perfect a choreographed fight scene and decorate a yurt. Get all the details of this episode of The Amazing Race season 32 by refreshing this page and if you missed the first episode of The Amazing Race for tonight, you can get a full recap right here to get all caught up!

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All of the teams are sitting around talking about how Haley & Kaylynn’s luck has run out when all of a sudden, they walk in and everyone is shocked! The teams are now heading to Kazakhstan where they will be learning a choreographed fight scene and acting it out. DeAngelo & Gary talk about how important it is to keep their alliance together until the top five, but Hung & Chee are looking out for themselves at this point. All the teams are on the same flight which is good for Kaylynn & Haley because they will have to do a speed bump during this leg of the race.

Their first challenge of the episode is a Detour where they will be watching an action scene from a Kahn being acted out and then answer questions about it. The second challenge is where they will be learning the choreographed fight scene and reenacting it. Meanwhile, Kaylynn & Haley will have to apply prosthetic beards to each other.

Hung & Chee and Leo & Alana are the only teams to answer questions and they have agreed that it is super hard to do. Both teams attempt to answer the questions but don’t get the answers correct. Haley & Kaylynn get their beards finished and head to their detour. They wanted to do the choreographed fight scene, but everything was full so they joined the other two teams watching the Kahn and answering the questions.

Riley & Maddison are the first team to finish the detour and head to the next clue. They find out that there is another Yield ahead and that there are only going to be a few more opportunities to use their hourglasses. Hung & Chee finish the Kahn challenge meanwhile Leo & Alana are still struggling to answer the questions. Haley & Kaylynn answer the questions wrong, but now know what to look for in their second attempt.

Kaylynn & Haley finish the detour, meanwhile, Leo & Alana have answered the questions wrong for the third time. Hung & Chee are the first to get to the Yield and decide not to use their hourglass. They now have to bring a camel to a yurt and decorate it like the example. Riley & Maddison, James & Will, DeAngelo & Gary, and Eswar & Aparna all get to the yurt challenge and choose not to Yield anyone. Meanwhile, Haley & Kaylynn are debating on whether or not they are going to Yield Leo & Alana when they make it to the yurt challenge.

When Kaylynn & Haley get to the yurt challenge, James yells out to them to use their Yield because they are going to want the extra cushion of time. Riley & Maddison agree that if they have it, they should use it. Meanwhile, Alana is telling us that she doesn’t think that the girls will Yield them because they have a close friendship, but the girls are thinking about doing it.

Kaylynn & Haley do decide to Yield Leo & Alana for 20 minutes. Leo & Alana make it to the yurt challenge and see that they have been yielded, meanwhile, some of the other teams are finishing up their challenge and head to get the clue for the Pit Stop at First President Park.

Here is the order the teams arrived at the Pit Stop:

  1. Will & James (Trip for two to Las Vegas)
  2. Riley & Maddison
  3. Hung & Chee
  4. DeAngelo & Gary
  5. Kaylynn & Haley
  6. Eswar & Aparna
  7. Leo & Alana

Leo & Alana were the last team to arrive at the pit stop and were eliminated as a result. Next week we will have a mega leg of the Amazing Race where the teams will be faced with double the roadblocks, double the detours, and double elimination! It’s another double episode! See you then!

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