It is Wednesday, which means we not only get an episode of Big Brother tonight, but we also get an episode of The Amazing Race! Keep reading to find out where the teams will be heading tonight and get a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Season 32 below.

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Tonight the teams will race their way from Tobago to Bogotá, Colombia. They will receive a clue outside of the airport there that will send them to the Nemocón Salt Mine where they will have to search for an hourglass that will allow them to stop one of the other teams for either 10 or 20 minutes depending on which one they find. This is called a yield and they can use it at any point before the teams sign up for their next departure flight.

While in Bogotá, teams will also perform as a clown in a circus act where they will have to spin in a wheel and then walk across a tightrope while holding a wine bottle on a serving tray in one hand and an umbrella in the other. They then have to go back with wine glasses on the tray. Here is a sneak peek of that challenge:

In another challenge, the teams will have to decorate a truck to look identical to another truck, but it’s not just any truck, it’s a giant dump truck! You are not going to want to miss this! Make sure you join me after tonight’s episode of Big Brother for my full live recap of The Amazing Race.

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