Wednesday night we kick off the 32nd season of The Amazing Race on CBS. The Amazing Race season 32 will give 11 teams the opportunity to travel around the world and compete for a $1 million grand prize! Read on to find out where the teams are heading tonight and get a sneak peek of tonight’s premiere of The Amazing Race 2020!

Tonight the teams will start in Los Angeles, California at that Hollywood Bowl where they will not only get their first impressions of their fellow racers but be given their first travel instructions from Phil Keoghan. Tonight the teams head to Trinidad and Tobago where they will be faced with a series of challenges. Here are some of the teams that will be competing this season:

Among the teams, we have former NFL players from the Carolina Panthers, DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge. We also have Olympic hurdlers, Kellie Wells-Brinkley and LaVonne Idlette. Professional volleyball player, Riley McKibbin and College Basketball Coach, Jerry Eaves are also among the racers this season. Here they are:

Four of the last five seasons of The Amazing Race have has some kind of theme, however, this season we will watch as the teams are brought back to basics. If you aren’t familiar with the show, these teams will travel the world and complete challenges along the way. The first team to complete all the challenges for that leg and make it to Phil wins that leg and usually a price of some kind. The last team to make it there is eliminated that week until we are down to the last team standing.

Prior to the season started there were many video clips of the racers answer specific questions. In one of the segments, the teams were asked how they trained in preparation for The Amazing Race season 32. Among the answers were studying, binge-watching the previous seasons and one team even said that they were winging it. You might be surprised as to which teams answered which way. Find out what their answers were right here:

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