Wow. To borrow a phrase from one of my witty commenters, Debbiedo (thanks Debbie)….Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. I mean, I think that says it all. Between last night’s Big Brother 14 Live Show and the following events, I–like Dani–am speechless…

The Dan mist. They need to figure out how to bottle it. I’m betting there are a lot of third-world dictators that would pay billions for the green, slimy substance that’s roiling around in that brain. Even Ian was digusted. And he got saved!

And yet–on the opposite side of that, is an evil genius so keen it’s frightening.

After Ian “fell” (though he later told Dan he threw it) Dan was able to talk Danielle into throwing the comp so easily, it was almost comical. You could literally see the Mist wrap around her with its long, tentacled fingers.

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The look on Danielle’s face when Dan ruthlessly and with malice aforethought evicted the witless Shane will go down in the annals of some of the best moments in Big Brother history. We’ve said that a lot this season. But the thing is–it’s all true. Dan’s gameplay is without equal. I think Shane said it best….”Dan’s just a dirty player.” And yet again….wow.

But the question now is….What will the Jury think? Will they punish Dan–who will most definitely make it to F2, btw–no matter what kind of grumbling and scheming Danielle and Ian do together. They are both still playing Dan’s game, parroting the words he put in their mouths. Danielle will take him. Ian also, will pull out his Renegade card and unless something really bizarre happens…It’s almost in the Jury’s hands.

We’ll talk more about the Jury specifically later, once the next comp is done, but for now….I stand in awe.

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