It is Wednesday which means that another all-new episode of Survivor 41 airs tonight on CBS! Find out who could find themselves in trouble on the Luvu tribe if they should see Tribal Council tonight on Survivor. Also, could we see two challenges play out tonight on Survivor 2021? Read on to find out!

The synopsis for tonight’s episode doesn’t give us much information, however, the sneak peeks floating around the internet gives us a bit more to work with. Here is what the synopsis on says:

Two castaways strategize a risky move during the immunity challenge, and another castaway does what it takes to earn a tribemate’s trust.

Based on other sneak peeks I’ve seen, Erika on the Luvu tribe is starting to feel like Sydney is too emotional to play this game effectively. She discusses the option of possibly voting her out with Deshawn if they see Tribal Council tonight. We don’t really get his answer to her proposal, but he tells us that he knows that Erika’s Survivor IQ is very high even though she is trying to make herself seem like less of a threat. Check out that clip below:

Now, there is also word going around that tonight we will see two challenges play out. It’s been some time since we have seen a reward challenge play out, but with the castaways getting less to start with and such, having reward challenges for food or equipment makes the most sense.

Some people are wondering if there will be a tribe swap at some point and while I’m sure there will be, but it won’t be this week. Since Yase was able to avoid Tribal Council last week, the numbers aren’t as lopsided at this point.

There are some things that I want to recap going into tonight’s episode of Survivor 41. With Brad being voted out last week, there is only one of three Hidden Immunity Idols in play. With that being said, Xander still doesn’t have a vote since he is the only one with a non-active idol. That idol that Brad had will likely be hidden near the Ua beach so that another castaway could find it.

Here is a look at the Yase tribe from tonight’s episode as they watch a family of sea turtles run out to sea. Evvie finds a deeper meaning in them finding the turtles on their beach.

See you all tonight for my live recap of Survivor 41.

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