Tonight on Survivor: Winners at War, we will watch as each of the castaways get a special visit from their loved ones. They have shaken up the loved ones visit for this season, keep reading to get all the details and to see a sneak peek of tonight’s episode! If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor season 40, make sure you catch up with our full recap right here!

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We have made it to the loved ones visit! In years past, Survivor has shown us a reunion between the contestants and one loved one. Whether it be a spouse, a significant other, a parent or sibling, we always find ourselves crying along with them as they give their loved ones a hug. This year, CBS has amped up the emotions and has flown in the families of some of the contestants for tonight’s episode.

It has also been reported that not only are the active castaways getting a loved one visit, but the castaways on Edge of Extinction will also be getting a special visit from their loved ones. Whether or not it will be shown on tonight’s episode, it was mentioned that the EOE castaways also had loved ones flown out to Fiji for the taping of this episode. Unfortunately, the only preview video I could find for you guys is a YouTube video, so I apologize to my friends up north who are not able to see it. However, he is a preview of tonight’s episode of Survivor: Winners at War

After the loved ones come out, there will be a familiar challenge where the castaways will have to keep a ball inside a circular track. Some of the lucky castaways will be able to spend some time with their families before tonight’s intense Tribal Council. Who will be the 12th person voted out and sent to the EOE? You will have to come back later tonight to find out. In the meantime, let me know who you hope it will be in the comments below or on social media.

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