Tonight on Survivor: Winners at War, Sarah uses her creative side to pass the time and entertain the others. Meanwhile, some of the other castaways are working on their gameplay. Keep reading to get the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor Season 40 and get a sneak peek of tonight’s episode. If you missed last week’s episode, you can click right here to get a full recap of everything that happened during the loved ones visit.

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Things get a little boring on the island as you get closer to the finale which gets the castaways thinking of ways to keep themselves busy. Tonight we will watch as Sarah creates her very own Survivor clothing line and has some of the other castaways walk the runway. While the castaways are trying to have a good time and let loose a little bit, there is one castaway that isn’t entertained or impressed.

Tony doesn’t think that their time on the island should be wasted doing runway shows, instead, he wants to play the game. He comes up with an elaborate plan to play double agent, but as we know, Tony isn’t the smoothest player in Survivor history. Will his plan come back to bite him? Could he end up being the next castaway heading to Edge of Extinction? You will have to come back later tonight to find out!

Runway shows and double agents won’t be the only thing to look forward to tonight. Remember, an idol was played at the last Tribal Council, which means another idol was hidden on the island. Who will be the first to find the idol? Let me know in the comments below or on social media who you hope finds the idol.

Check out a preview of tonight’s episode of Survivor season 40 right here:

We are just weeks away from the Survivor season 40 finale, which airs on Wednesday, May 13th starting at 8/7c! This year’s finale will be done virtually without a live audience, but it will also be three hours long according to a post put out on Survivor’s various social media accounts last week. You are not going to want to miss a minute of the action from now until then so make sure you come back later for our Survivor: Winners at War live recap starting at 8/7c!

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