Last week on Survivor: Winners at War, we watched as two castaways were voted off the main island and sent to the Edge of Extinction. Tonight we will see the reactions after the latest Tribal Council and find out what everyone thinks of the newest member of Edge of Extinction. Keep reading to get more details and a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Survivor!

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Last week we kicked off Survivor: Winners at War in the most epic way possible. We watched as some of the greatest players started their journey towards $2 million dollars and they weren’t messing around. However, will some of the decisions made at the last Tribal Council come back and bite someone?

As you may know, Natalie (Sele Tribe) was the first castaway voted off and sent to the Edge of Extinction. When she left, she gave Jeremy her fire token, but when she got to the EOE, she realized that she will need to earn more fire tokens in order to earn her spot back into the game. After finding clues as to how she could do this, she came across a hidden immunity idol, however, it had no power on the EOE. Enclosed with the idol was a note telling her that she could sell this idol to someone currently in the game for one fire token. I have to say, most of us were pretty surprised to see that she picked two time winner, Sandra to sell this idol to. With that being said, Sandra jumped at the opportunity for safety and bought the idol from Natalie for one fire token.

Dakal then went on to lose the next Immunity Challenge sending them to Tribal Council to vote one of their own off and send them to spend some time with Natalie on EOE. Surprisingly enough, Sandra had no need to use her Immunity Idol because she was able to talk everyone into targeting someone else on their tribe. I know, who doesn’t vote out a two time winner when given the opportunity? Let’s face it though, Sandra’s social game is what earned her those wins after all.

So, who was Sandra’s target? Amber. I’m know, I’m still having a hard time figuring out in what world is Amber a bigger threat than Sandra too. However, Sandra was upset at Rob for not telling her while they were on Season 39 together that he was coming back to compete. Sandra got back at Rob the best way she knew how, she had his wife voted off the Island.

Tonight, Rob finds out that Amber was the first to go from Dakal and I’m willing to bet that he is none too happy about it. Also, which castaway will have to dig themselves out of a hole when they leak too much information? You’ll have to come back tonight to find that out. In the meantime, check out this sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Survivor: Winners at War and make sure you come back tonight for my full live recap!

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