Tonight we will watch a three-hour season finale of Survivor: Winners at War and it’s going to start with the Edge Of Extinction Battle Back! We will then watch as the Final 6 on Survivor battle it out to the end for the two million dollar grand prize! Make sure you come back later tonight for our live recap of Survivor season 40. In the meantime, keep reading for a sneak peek of tonight’s season finale.

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Tonight on Survivor: Winners at War, we will start with the Edge of Extinction castaways battling for a spot back in the game. They will have to compete connected to a rope for the first part of the challenge and maneuver their way through obstacles. When they get to the end, they have to dig for a rope and then race to their puzzle board where they will have to get two balls into holes on the table. Remember, a number of these castaways have advantages for tonight’s challenge and some of them have an immunity idol to keep them in the game if they think they might be in trouble. Who do you want to see make a return from the EOE?

We will then watch as the final two Immunity Challenges take place and which will bring us to the final four and a fire-making challenge! Who do you think the final three will be? Who do you think deserves to win Survivor: Winners at War the most? Check out this sneak peek of the EOE castaways returning to the island and having their challenge explained to them:

Which EOE castaway do you think has the best chance at winning this challenge? Putting into consideration that there are a lot of advantages being played during this challenge of course. If there weren’t any advantages, do you think the same person still has the best chance? Let me know in the comments below and make sure you come back for my full, live recap starting at 8/7c on CBS!

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