Just got the word that the POV ceremony in the Big Brother 2010 house, is not until tomorrow.  Not today, as previously noted.  If anything changes, I will let you guys know. Ummm.. my hubby is digging the new pic at the bottom.. Hint, hint, fella’s… If you happen to like a certain brand of cheese crackers? Do you get me??

The calm before the storm- won't last long..

That gives you a little more time, to get your LIVE FEED on...With the 3-Day Free Trial, then 13 bucks a month- and THEN,  $10.00 of FREE music downloads a month..  It is a $3.oo Buck a month Deal!! WOW! I keep harping on this, cause…OMG!!  This is just week TWO, guys!! This season is likely to become VERY salty!!  and besides… I love to have everyone know what the real truth in the house is, just like I do!!

Get ready for tomorrow, cause…  once Rachel announces her Replacement noms.. Whew! It’s gonna be a hot mess!

I will update you on all new developments through the day, and post interesting pics as they come available.

Get ready for tomorrow!!

Brenchel seems to have worked everything out..

Rach and Bren doing A-OK

Britney is sitting pretty

while Monet is not in a good place

One thing I have noticed, is that so far this season, it is looking like girl vs. girl, right now… Come on ladies! Break that BB tradition, and don’t turn all catty!  I would LOVE to see a girl power movement, but can promise it will NOT happen in this season.. too much testosterone in the air, I guess…

What's a girl to do?

Awww... Hayden is all tuckered out from all that last nite smooching with Kristin

The HG’s are enjoying the sun today in the BY.

Andrew snoozing, Rachel shmoozing

Brendan and Hayden chilling out.

Kristen and Ragan acting silly

Pool Time


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