Big Brother 12 HouseGuests take a photo, play with giant cat toys?

By Joe Brooks

(WIREUPDATE) — Yesterday the houseguests were rushed into the Big Brother house and the game officially began. Presumably the first Head of Household has already already been crowned and the cast was made aware of this season’s Saboteur twist.

On the second day the cast stripped to their bikinis and swimming trunks. They hung out at the Big Brother pool to size each other up and took part of the annual cast photo.

Kathy and Ragan called dibs on the floatation device, while Brendon got the honor of floating Britney in the air. Lane revealed a large tribal tattoo on his right side that rivals Matt’s impressive sleeve tattoo. Kristen and Monet obviously got in a fight over who has the puffier hair. And Andrew, our pick for the Saboteur, was moments away from peeing in the pool. Seriously, look at that grin – he’s up to something!

CBS released the first photo of the cast lounging by the pool on their CBSTweet twitter account. "Wishing you a Happy 4th of July from the Big Brother House!" read the message.


One strange item that immediately popped out to us was the strange new addition to the Big Brother backyard. Three giant sized cat toys? What exactly are those? If anyone knows please let us know!


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2 Responses to “Big Brother 12 HouseGuests take a photo, play with giant cat toys?”

  1. [...] CBS released the first Big Brother 12 Houseguest cast photo using the popular social network Twitter on Sunday. Many Big Brother fans are looking at every [...]

  2. pookisama says:

    They look like giant jingle balls “cage like plastic balls with jingle bells inside” definitely a cat toy

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