After a ho-hum morning in the Big Brother 14 house, Shane and Danielle were whisked out of the game for a night of magical delights.


UPDATE!  OMG! TOTALLY forgot to mention that Brendan and Rachel were married Saturday night- in LA on top of the ATT building.  Though the details are supposed to be hush/hush and no pics of the bride and groom were allowed to be released (as they will be appearing on the Reality Show “My Fair Wedding: Unveiled.”  We do know that….ready for this???…MATT HOFFMAN–that most holy of souls–officiated at the ceremony. Gee–hope his wife was well enough to attend.. *smirk*

Here are a couple of links to the happy events..,,20628389,00.html

Sorry– Now back to our own–MUCH less sparkly–twosome… 

That’s right, guys. BB’s most beloved couple *cough–sorry choked on my own tongue there for a sec* were taken to an Olympic Event, where they got to meet the victorious American Olympic Girls Gymnast Team. (This–of course–was a luxury component of the Veto Comp Shane won, and pretty freaking cool.)

When the toothy two-some returned, Danielle in particular seemed a bit out of it, to have been out in the “real world.”

Danielle went on and on about how “they” were recognized, and how people called out Shane’s name. Dan seemed particularly interested in “Do you think they liked us out there?” Danielle reassured him that people LOVED the Quack Pack. Well, we’re people. Do we “love” the Quack Pack???

Later, Dan asked if “The Big Kiss” finally took place?? Danielle seemed embarrassed, but Shane took over the story and told it. Apparently, our Southern Sweetie tried twice. Went in for two kisses in the Limo. The first time, Shane turned his head at the last minute, and she got her some cheek action. The second time, Shane was leaning away from her in the seat, they hit a bump and she fell across his lap and as he turned away again, she accidentally head-butted him.

I hope–oh, I HOPE–this was filmed so we can see it!!

Still looks like Jenn will go this week–no matter what. Ian seems dead-set on keeping the Quack-Pack intact. It will, unfortunately, likely be his demise, as King Dan will not want to go up against him at the end. I can’t even imagine how many of you are shouting at your screens for him to put Dan up in today’s VETO meeting.

But Ian’s head–like the reformed Grinch’s heart–has grown two sizes too large. He thinks he can beat Dan. And though that’s likely true were he to make it to F2. I just don’t see S/D/D allowing that to happen.

We’re at the home-stretch now, folks. And it’s pretty cool to have this many people still left this late in the game. Normally at this time of year the remaining 3 or so HG’s rattle around in the house, like dice in a cup.

STAY TUNED for today’s VETO results on the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS! When you can expect everyone’s favorite Dixie Chick to go up, thereby sealing Jenn’s fate.


PS– updated with a TINY bit of adult content in the pics below.. I couldn’t help it… *evil grin.*

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