I had fun reliving the old memories of this Big Brother 2010 Season. I hope you did, too.

But, back to business, now (I guess)..

We are down to the Final Three, and while I’m sure most of us wish there were someone else vying for the top spot, like my Mama says.. If wishes were fishes, we’d all have some fried.

So…. Lets do a rundown of the possibilities, shall we?

Of the three left, I guess he is my choice. He seems like a genuinely nice, boy-next-door kid.  And maybe he can afford to get a haircut.

1)  Hayden wins final HOH-  Whom does he choose?   A) Lane– who he would almost definitely beat.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Who had almost no social game, and is behind him in wins

.                                                                                                              B) Enzo– who had a fantastic social game- but only one win.                                                                                                                                                                        I believe he still beats Enzo- he was also popular, AND  won some comps.

You know, for the first half of the game, I wanted to call Lane-Ryan (BB9). Which is weird, because I tend to call Ryan-Roy.  This is cause both Lane and Ryan look like Roy- Pam’s boyfriend on “The Office”. Just kinda Blah.. Bland..Babyfaced. Unnoticeable. But, it worked for Ryan who coat tailed his way to 50 G’s-

Honestly, if BB was going for “Looks over Substance” this year,  They only did so-so.


2)  Lane wins final HOH— Whom does he choose?      A) Enzo– who won ONE POV the whole game, but had a stellar social game–                                                                                                                                                Well, It’s possible he might beat Enzo.   He has at least a slight possibility there.                                                                                                                                                                                              He could throw his wins out there, see what sticks-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             B) Hayden– who has more wins, AND a MUCH better social game.                                                                                                                                                                     This is a no brainer, if he wants a chance to win.

IMO- Lane is playing for second no matter what…

The next big question is… Who votes for whom in the Jury House??? These are my predictions.. What are yours??

With a HAYDEN/LANE  Final Two???

1- Rachel–Hayden

2.  Kathy—Hayden

3.  Matt—Hmm.. Tough one.. Depends on who wins the final HOH.. But I am leaning towards Lane.

4.  Brendan–I wanna say Hayden, because of the comps, but after he betrayed him at the DE– not sure.. Hmm..Still gonna say Hayden.

5.  Ragan—Another toughie.. I think he and Hayden were fairly close. I never saw him with Lane, really..

6.  Britney– The only certain vote.. Lane

7.) Enzo***– Hayden

With a LANE/ENZO  Final Two???

1- Rachel–Enzo

2.  Kathy—Enzo

3.  Matt—In this situation, I think Matt votes for Enzo, because it was a punk move by Lane to give Hayden the shaft. Then again.. This was the guy who lied about his wife’s mortal illness, so….

4.  Brendan–Enzo

5.  Ragan—Lane

6.  Britney– The only certain vote.. Lane

7. Hayden–Enzo

With a HAYDEN/ENZO  Final Two???

1- Rachel–Hayden

2.  Kathy—Hayden

3.  Matt—Hayden

4.  Brendan–Even though Hayden betrayed him, I still think he votes for him, the only competitor left..

5.  Ragan—Hayden

6.  Britney– The only certain vote.. Lane

7. Lane –Enzo

All right.  There it is… .  What do you guys say?? Agree? Disagree? (Make absolutely no sense at all, just ramble off random BS to try to stir up drama??)  You know who you are!! lol..

OKAY!!   Let’s hear it..  MI AMIGOS!

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