Get ready guys, cause today’s Big Brother POV couldn’t be more important to the outcome of the whole game.

With the line drawn between the remnants of Brit’s team, together with the tentatively-on-board Team Boogie– today’s POV means everything.

Of course, Brit-oogie wanted to take out the snarky Wil. But with Janelle’s win in the Coach’s comp (likely the last-btw) Wil got safety. Which left second choice Joe as the main target- and Ashley as the pawn. (one thing I’ve noted lately with the “ditzy blonde” is- she’s way sharper than they’re portraying her– and is going back and forth between the two alliances in such a convincing way, that’s I’m truly not certain WHO’S side she’s really on??

But noms mean very little until after POV. And who gets to play is also of utmost importance. One thing I know for sure– is the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS are gonna be AMAZING this week!!

So…the players for this week’s POV comp are: Joe, Shane, Ashley (naturally) along with…Danielle, Frank (Joe drew his name and is PISSED–BIG deal for the new alliance), and Wil (picked by Ashley in HG choice)…. (If you’re counting, that’s Jani’s whole team.)

Now- what this means is that Wil and Joe will battle it out against Shane and Frank… It’s gonna be EPIC.


STAY TUNED for the POV results! If  Joe, Ashley or Wil wins— it’s going to throw the house into more turmoil than it’s already under.

And once the HG’s learn about the Coach’s Twist??? WOOOEEEE!! The temp’s gonna ratchet up so high, you’re gonna be able to fry an egg on the kitchen counter.

FEEDS, folks…FEEDS..That’s where all the real drama is gonna be this week, and this is the time you do NOT want to be out of the know… YAY! I for one can’t WAIT to see the war begin between Jani and Boogie.. For all us old-school BB fans…It’s sublime…

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