Not to ruffle your feathers, but we are one hour away from the Big Brother 2013 cast announcement and we could not be any happier and our Big Brother 15 spoilers are getting all worked up! With all the announcements of these twists and turns for Season 15, we are more than ready to find out who the Big Brother 15 cast is! Are you ready?


The announcement will be coming at 3 PM EST/12 PM PST, so that means in one hour! Do you have any guesses on who could fill the “familiar spot” that Big Brother host Julie Chen teased us with during her house tour? Thinking about it more and more, we’d love to see Malcolm Freberg from Survivor in the spot!

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As soon as the announcement is made, we will be making updates to Big Big Brother with all the information on these new HouseGuests on Big Brother 15! Bookmark us for all your spoilers and updates. It is a huge day for Big Brother 2013!

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