The day started off really quiet in the Big Brother 19 house, literally because Paul and Cody were in the kitchen together and you could hear a pin drop. There was a lot of strategy talk when the HGs were able to practice what we are all assuming is the next HOH comp. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for all the details!

Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Recap: Week 5 - Wednesday

All was quiet in the Big Brother 19 house until after the lock down was over and they realized they were going to be able to practice for tonight’s HOH comp. After practice time was over there was chatter on strategy and how each side of the house felt about their chances of winning HOH. Keep reading my Big Brother 19 live recap for the details!

Big Brother Live Feeds

After their time at practicing for the HOH comp was over, Jessica said that this comp was all luck, but you need some level of skill to win this challenge. Paul and his group think that they have a pretty good chance at winning this comp based on numbers alone. Paul said that worse case Jessica and Cody win, second worse case would be if Mark or Elena won, but I think they would have more of a problem with Mark than Elena. She’s all for falling in line so she doesn’t end up with a target on her back.

Jessica talks about if they don’t win HOH, they have to win the Temptation Comp and Veto to save themselves this week. I’m pretty sure they should have done that this week too so they had the Hex for another week, but she didn’t think of this. If they do manage to win these comps, Mark and Elena are the secondary targets.

At one point Paul talks about trying to talk Jessica into not using the Hex so that they could vote Cody out, but their real plan would be to vote her out and keep Cody in the house. Paul and his crew try to figure out the details of the Hex because they don’t believe that it’s as simple as cancelling the eviction, except it is. Later they all discuss how the live show will work without the voting being done. I think it’s quite simple, they don’t vote they go play HOH.

This is literally everything they talked about on the Big Brother 19 live feeds yesterday. Very dull and boring Eviction Eve, even though we all know there isn’t going to be an eviction.

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