Tonight we will watch as the final showmance is separated on Big Brother 19. Who will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 2017? Will it be Raven or Matt walking out the door and heading to the Jury house? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details right here with my Big Brother 19 live recap!

Big Brother 19 Live Recap Episode 31 - Live Eviction and HOH!

After one the live eviction we will then watch as the remaining HGs compete to be the next HOH on Big Brother 19. Who do you want to see win the Head of Household this week? Let me know in the comments below or on social media! If you have missed what the plan is for this coming week, make sure you check out my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for the details!

Live Feeds

We start tonight’s live eviction on Big Brother 19 off with Julie wearing the most ridiculous looking shirt. We then get a look at the chaos that was caused by Jason’s move to not use the POV to take Raven off the block. Raven is crying and Matt is comforting her telling her that she will be staying. Matt is pretty mad about the fact that Jason is hiding in the storage room with Alex. Raven is about to lose it and when Jason finally leaves the storage room, Matt and Raven confront Jason.

While Matt and Raven are screaming at Jason, ChristmasPaul and Josh are laughing hysterically. Matt tells him that if he just told them that it was part of game, they would be okay with it, but he lied to them. Jason denies ever saying that he would use the POV, but there is footage of him telling Raven that he is going to take her down. Matt is then asking if Jason and Kevin were the votes against Matt last week, Kevin swears on his kids it wasn’t him. Matt then asks everyone else and everyone except Jason denied it.

The entire house is sitting in the kitchen talking about how Matt flipped out and Kevin goes out to talk to him, but Paul is following right behind. Everyone has noticed that the only time Kevin talks to anyone is when they are on their way out to the Jury house. Later, Kevin comes in the house and Christmas asks him if it’s hot outside and he tells her yes. She then asks him if he is going for a swim in the pool and he told her yes and then asks if she is going. Josh then gets in the middle of it. Screaming at him about how he knows she can’t go in the pool.

The fight turns to Kevin and Josh screaming about who took the $25k and then when Josh told Kevin to swear on his kids, he wouldn’t do it and got really angry and defensive. Which tells Christmas that Kevin didn’t vote for Matt and took the $25k day one. She has realized that Alex was the second vote for Matt and that her and Jason are really dangerous in this game and one of them has to go.

We get a look at Cody, Elena and Mark in the Big Brother jury house! They are watching the HOH comp from the DE night and then Mark winning the POV. Then we watch the week after as Mark shows up to the Big Brother 19 jury house. Elena is so happy to see him and they are watching the HOH that Paul threw to Christmas and then the POV comp that Mark lost which sealed his fate.

It is time for the live Vote, Matt already has one vote for breaking a HN rule deliberately. Or if you watched the feeds you know he broke all of them for four days straight repeatedly.

  • Alex – Matt
  • Kevin – Matt
  • Kevin – Matt
  • Paul – Matt (that is enough votes)
  • Christmas – Matt
  • Josh – Matt

By a unanimous decision, Matt has been evicted from the Big Brother 19 house! Stay tuned for the HOH results coming up next! After the commercial break, we just get word that because it is raining, they are unable to play the HOH comp right now. There is a rain delay and as soon as they can, they will go out to the yard to compete in the HOH. We also found out at the end of tonight’s episode that next Thursday will be another Double Eviction!

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