Some pretty big game moves being talked about in the Big Brother 20 house! Find out what the HGs were up to yesterday on the Big Brother live feeds right here and find out which new alliance might be changing things up in the house! Also, if you have missed anything, make sure you get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers!

The house has been divided and there are new alliances forming, what does that mean for the nominees for eviction? Will things still go as planned? Find out what you need to know right here with my Big Brother live feeds recap! Make sure you let me know what you think of what’s going on in the house in the comments below or on social media! 

Usually, we see a POV comp on a Saturday, but we all know that week one never runs on schedule. However, instead of the POV comp, we got to see some scheming going on in the house.

The “Level 6” Alliance Forms

This was one of the biggest takeaways from yesterday’s live feeds. There is a new alliance in the house and they are planning on switching up the plan in the house this week. As of right now, Tyler is the only one that knows that Sam has the special power this week, he also knows that this power will allow her to save anyone over within the next four weeks. Needless to say, he wants her and her power on his side.

Tyler is also a little sick of Swaggy C and his crew trying to run his HOH, so he has made it a point to join forces with Kaycee, Brett, Winston, Rachel and Angela to try and rally votes for Sam to stay this week. Tyler and Sam would both like to see her power stick around, so having the vote would allow her to hold onto it. However, if she is feeling nervous about things come eviction night, she will use it to stick around.

Haleigh and Kaitlyn

These two seem to have a little alliance of their own going and have promised to stick by each other. They both would like to see Winston leave, but if Haleigh and Tyler plan on continuing their little showmance, or whatever this is, then that’s not really going to work for his alliance. She doesn’t know that they have an alliance going, Sam is planning on talking to her the next time she is human Sam. If the pattern continues the way it has, that will come sometime today.

Angela has also made her way into this alliance (or so she thinks) and the three of them were trying to get JC to join them, that way Angela could figure out which votes JC is telling them he has secured for Sam. He hasn’t been very forthcoming with this information. However, when she mentions joining her alliance with Haleigh and Kaitlyn, he declines and tells them that he has to see where the next HOH comp lands.

The Rally For Sam

This literally went on all day yesterday. When Sam checked in with Rachel, Angela, and Kaycee yesterday they told her that they were working hard to get these votes for her. They tell her to keep acting sad and worried that she is going home. They want her to play the emotional card with the other HGs and see if that helps sway things in her favor.

Sam really wants some definite answers as to whether people are with her or against her, but some of the HGs are still pretty split. Kaitlyn does tell Sam that she isn’t campaigning against her and tells Sam to talk to her and Haleigh later because they have been trying to come up with a plan also.

The Rest of the House

Faysal still doesn’t plan on using the POV this week, he doesn’t want to put his alliance with Swaggy in danger. It is pretty well known that if he uses the POV on Steve then Bayleigh will go up as a renom. There was also a talk between Winston and the rest of L6 that he heard from Steve that Scottie is playing both sides of the house. Winston thinks that what Steve said could be true.

Bayleigh told Swaggy that she is worried they will be the “Jessica and Cody” of BB20, but Swaggy is convinced that America loves him and that won’t happen. Later on, Bayleigh finds out that she would be the renom choice if the noms stayed the same and she got really upset. She goes to talk to Kaitlyn about this and they both agree that they want Angela to be the target instead.

Things are getting interesting in the house as they still try to figure out which HG has the power. We aren’t sure how the power works exactly, but we might find out this week. What do you think about the plan to keep Sam and evict Steve instead? Do you think the L6 can pull this off? Let me know in the comments below or on social media! We should find out later today or tomorrow what Faysal does with the POV and who the final nominees will be so stay tuned for that!

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