It was eviction eve in the Big Brother 20 house yesterday and things were pretty back and forth with the vote talks. Tonight we will find out for sure how the votes fall on Big Brother 2018. Keep reading to find out the latest in the vote talks from the Big Brother 20 live feeds right here!

Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Recap Week 1 - Wednesday

Tyler let Sam’s cat out of the bag last night on the Big Brother feeds, find out who he told and what that means for eviction night tonight! If you missed any of the Big Brother spoilers from this week, make sure you get all caught up! 

So not much happened in the Big Brother 20 house yesterday other than some vote talks and a lot of hanging out. Sam does make the mistake of talking to Scottie and trying to campaign to him, but Tyler seems to have been able to fix that.

Sam’s Campaign to Scottie

Sam goes to talk to Scottie and tells him that she is having this talk with him not because she doesn’t like Steve, but because she wants to stay. She has a talk with him about the “what if Steve goes home and I stay” scenario. She tells him that she thinks that they should join forces if Steve is sent home. This makes Scottie think that the votes are closer than everyone has been telling him and Steve.

Later, Tyler tells Sam to stop trying to get Scottie because all it does it hurt her chances of getting other votes. He is able to calm the Steve and Scottie group by telling them Sam is either going by what people are telling her (and they could just be lying to her to keep the peace) or she is going based on friendships she thinks she has in the house as votes for her.

Rockstar and Haleigh

The two of them have a chat about the vote this week. Rockstar tells Haleigh she is leaning towards voting to evict Sam. She tells Haleigh even if she wanted to keep Sam, they just don’t have the numbers to make it happen. She also mentions that with Steve comes Scottie and he would be another number. Haleigh doesn’t seem too sold on keeping Steve this week.

L6 Alliance is Let in on Sam’s Secret

After a conversation that seemed to last forever, the L6 alliance were sitting there obsessing over who could have had the power this week and going through the scenarios for if Sam stays versus if Steve stays. Tyler keeps dropping hints and trying to sway the conversation because he knows who has it.

Finally, Tyler jumps up and says, “Sam has it, Sam has the power.” The rest of the L6 alliance are like “no way” for a split second and then they all celebrate that Sam has it. Remember the conversation Winston and Brett had about how Sam was a liability because she didn’t know how to play the game? They both realized she had been playing it the entire time. They are both back on board with voting to keep Sam.

They all want to keep Sam in the house with her power so if one of them finds themself in trouble next week, she will use it on them. If she has to use the power, they ran through scenarios where they would have to do a renom and re-vote. They are thinking that they want to throw Swaggy up, but who would make the most sense?

So let’s could the votes. Rachel, Kaycee, Winston, Brett, and Angela as part of the L6 alliance. JC is set to keep Sam, so that’s 6. They need one more vote for sure. There are a lot of maybes in the house. Haleigh is a maybe, Kaitlyn seems to be swaying more towards keeping Steve, but she could be brought in and convinced before the live eviction.

We will find out tonight if the L6 are able to get the seventh vote to keep Sam and keep her power in the house. Make sure you come back tonight for my live recap of Big Brother 20!

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