It was nomination day in the Big Brother 20 house and with Scottie re-entering the game after Thursday’s Jury Battle Back, he is already a target. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds on Friday right here including which two HGs were put up for eviction at this week’s nomination ceremony!

The HGs were slow to rise yesterday morning. Sam mentioned to Brett that she thinks that Angela snuck upstairs in the middle of the night to be with Tyler. Brett goes up to the HOH to talk about nominations and Angela is scrambling to get out from under the covers where her and Tyler were cuddling. Brett asked Tyler what his plans were for noms and he tells him that Haleigh is going up and mentions that Scottie is an easy nom too since he was already voted out unanimously.

Haleigh comes up to talk to Tyler about noms and he tells her that he hasn’t decided yet. She is really pushing that she doesn’t want to be back on the block, but tells him that if he is going to do it not to blindside her. He tells her that he hopes the others in the house will be open with the idea of him putting Sam up instead of Haleigh. Haleigh questions whether getting rid of Sam is good for his game and he tells her that’s what he is trying to figure out.

Later Brett and Tyler are talking about how Scottie and Haleigh are good noms, but Brett mentions that JC’s paranoia might start problems soon. Brett also tells Tyler that their F2 is more important to him than L6 as a whole and also mentions that JC doesn’t think that Brett and Tyler are a duo.

JC comes up and talks to Tyler, asks him if the plan is Haleigh and Scottie and Tyler tells him he thinks so. The conversation turned to Brett. JC tells Tyler that he has been trying to convince Brett that duos in this game are dangerous and that Kaycee and Angela are a duo. He then tells him that Brett asked if Angela slept up here (HOH). Tyler tells him that she didn’t and JC tells him that he is doing everything he can to protect Tyler. Tyler tells him that he doesn’t have to do that because he knows what he is doing. Talk then shifts to who the target should be and JC tells Tyler that Scottie is a bigger threat and should be taken out before Haleigh. JC adds that he thinks if Scottie wins HOH next week it will be JC and Tyler on the block together.

Tyler tells L6 that he doesn’t care who goes home this week but needs Scottie to not feel like the target this week. That way if Scottie stays this week he doesn’t come after Tyler for targeting him. Haleigh comes up after this conversation and Tyler works on making her feel like Scottie or Sam is the target over her. Feeds then cut for the nomination ceremony and when they come back up, Haleigh and Scottie are on the block together. Haleigh goes to the HN room and gets under a blanket and starts crying. Brett comes in to try and comfort her, but leaves moments later.

When Haleigh finally stops crying and emerges from the HN room, she goes up to talk to Tyler. Haleigh asks Tyler why he nominated Scottie if the two of them are close, he tells her that’s what the house wanted. She then asks him if he really planned on putting Sam up this week and he tells her that it was something he considered. Tyler also tells her that she wouldn’t have been in this position if she didn’t announce to the house that she was the Hacker because he never would have known that she was coming after him. She tells him that if she won HOH this week she was going after Sam and not Tyler.

Talks shifted to what Fessy said in his speech about Angela and Tyler tells Haleigh that Angela isn’t really cold, she is just reserved. Haleigh and Tyler both agreed that his speech said more about how he is as a person and who Angela is. Tyler questions if Haleigh and Fessy were in a showmance and she denies it.

Angela and Tyler are talking after this and they are laughing about how JC got in trouble for kissing Tyler in his sleep. Tyler doesn’t thinks it really happened (it did). The HGs started getting ready for bed really early last night. The night before was a long one so that was expected. Veto Players will be picked later today and then the comp will happen sometime this afternoon. Check back for all the Veto spoilers later on!

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