Yesterday on the Big Brother 20 live feeds we got to see as the HGs started planning their next moves. With the POV Ceremony happening yesterday morning, they already have a plan in place for this week. Keep reading my Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday’s live feeds right here! 

The morning started off with a wake up call just before 10 am BBT. A little after 11 am BBT, the feeds had gone down for the Power of Veto Ceremony. When the feeds come back we find out that Kaycee didn’t use the POV to save either Haleigh or Scottie. The HGs are talking about how entertaining the POV speeches were from Haleigh and Scottie, Sam noting that Brett was jealous of them because he is usually the one with epic speeches.

There is a conversation between Tyler and Kaycee about Scottie and if he could possibly think he isn’t the target this week. She tells Tyler about how she saw Haleigh crying because Scottie told her he was told he is a pawn this week. During this conversation, Brett tells Kaycee and Tyler that Haleigh needs to be gone soon. They all agree that she can’t be trusted.

Kaycee and Brett talk about if this week ends up being a double eviction and agree that Sam and Haleigh need to be the noms, but Haleigh needs to go. Kaycee jokes about whether the have the votes. Brett then tells her and Tyler what Scottie said about Rockstar being mad at him over his Goodbye Message to her. They also talk about all the things Scottie has told them about the trash talk in the jury house.

Haleigh goes to talk to Tyler about Scottie telling her that he was a pawn this week and Tyler tells her that he didn’t promise him safety this week. He tells her that as long as she stays calm and chills this week, she will be fine. She tells him that she is over it now, but she was really upset last night. She also wonders why Scottie would even tell her that he was a pawn knowing that she is on the block next to him and that it would upset her.

There was an interesting conversation between Brett and JC and I’m not sure if I think this plan was legit or if it was just Brett trying to put JC in a sticky situation. Brett went to JC and tells him that he thinks that Angela and Kaycee need to be put on the block together in order for one of them to go. During this conversation, JC mentions that Angela is always in the HOH together until 4am and then gets up really early and goes back up there. He tells JC that he knows that Kaycee and Angela are close and that Angela and Tyler are getting close, but he doesn’t know if Kaycee, Tyler and Angela are all together. He tells JC that he should try to get close to Sam and try to make this a threesome.

JC later gives Tyler a hard time over Angela sleeping in the HOH room with him, but Tyler denies that she did. JC tells him that he checked to see if she was in her bed at 4:50 am and she wasn’t (she did end up going to bed around 4 am) and Tyler tells him that she wasn’t upstairs with him at that time. JC tells Tyler that Angela is smart and could be teaming up with Kaycee and Haleigh. Tyler shuts that down but JC basically tells him that anything could happen and not to overlook the idea.

Haleigh came out of the DR at one point yesterday evening and was freaking out again over the possibility of being the target. I guess they were asking certain questions that had her worried. Tyler tells her that she is safe this week and tells her that he really needs her to not freak out. Kaycee tells her the same thing a few minutes after Haleigh’s talk with Tyler. She tells her not to freak out like Rachel did.

Tyler and Angela have a talk about Haleigh and Scottie. He tells her that Scottie told Haleigh he was the pawn this week. He thinks that he did too good of a job convincing Scottie that he was safe this week. Tells Angela that it might be time for another blindside because it’s been too long. They then talk about how Haleigh is annoying them with the way she is freaking out and that if she ends up telling Scottie that he is the target then they will just have to flip their votes and get her out this week instead.

JC goes at Tyler again and demands to know what’s going on with him and Angela. He tells Tyler about how when he went up to the HOH on Sunday he could hear Angela get out of the bed and rush over to the couch. Tyler assures JC that nothing is going on with him and Angela, but he doesn’t believe him. JC the throws Brett under the bus and tells Tyler that Brett is worried about Tyler and Angela’s relationship and that he is ready to win HOH and nominate Angela and Kaycee together. Tyler tells JC that it’s too early to turn on each other and that it would be a terrible game move for himself, JC and Brett.

Tyler asks JC what happens if he puts Angela and Kaycee up together, one of them comes down and Sam goes up and gets evicted. JC tells him it’s not him targeting Angela and Kaycee, it’s Brett. JC tells him that if it’s a DE and he wins HOH he’s going after Haleigh and that Brett winning and going after Angela and Kaycee would be good for them because then they get no blood on their hands.

The HGs got food, booze and a grill for Labor Day and they are all really excited. They go to the Storage Room to grab the food and beer and head outside to grill. They also got a Badminton set as seen in the picture above.

Later, Tyler has a talk with Angela. He tells her that JC heard her run from the bed to the couch on Sunday and noticed that she was out of breath when he came in. He also tells her to try and distance herself from Haleigh because people might start thinking that she is trying to align with her. He also tells her that JC is getting into Brett’s head and Angela wonders if they could possibly flip on them. Tyler tells her that they might if it appears that Angela, Kaycee and Haleigh are working together. Angela wonders to Tyler if JC is a bigger threat than Haleigh, but Tyler doesn’t think so.

There is another chat with JC and Brett before all the HGs head to bed. JC tells Brett that if they win HOH they should keep Haleigh and Sam safe (JC also told Haleigh earlier that if he won HOH she would be safe). He mentions going after Kaycee and Angela instead and Brett agrees. Brett mentions that he feels like he’s intruding on Tyler and Angela when he goes to the HOH room. JC and Brett talk about how they would probably have to BD Angela because Kaycee and Tyler would protect her with the POV.

They think they should put Sam and Haleigh up and then gun for Veto and renom Angela. The way I see this working out is Tyler and Kaycee would vote to evict whoever is up next to Angela and then they would vote to evict Angela leaving it to a tie breaker which would allow the HOH (Brett or JC) to get Angela out.

We know that JC isn’t going to really try to with this HOH and that he is going to let Brett handle the dirty work. Do you think that JC could get Brett to start turning on L6? Make sure you come back in a little bit for our Big Brother 20 Favorite HG poll and vote for your favorite HG.

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