It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 20 house yesterday, but there were some interesting conversations going on all day. Keep reading my Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday’s feeds right here! Also, make sure you head on over to my poll to let me know which of the Big Brother 20 HGs is your favorite this week right here!

One of the conversations that I want to note from yesterday’s live feeds is one between Tyler and Scottie. Scottie is talking about all the things he heard while he was in the Jury house. He is telling Tyler that he has been confronting Haleigh on some of the things he heard about her specifically and he tells Tyler that Haleigh was beating around them and he isn’t happy about it. Tyler tells him that Haleigh has been hanging around him all week. The conversation then turned to Scottie telling him that Brett and JC asked him if he has been doing any campaigning and Scottie told them he didn’t think he was the target this week. Tyler told him he isn’t the target this week (he is). From the sounds of this conversation, Haleigh isn’t too popular in the Jury House.

Later, Brett is recalling a situation with Sam while talking to Angela and Tyler. Apparently Haleigh took Sam’s mattress topper so Sam stole the one that was on Brett’s bed. Brett is mad because Sam can’t even use the mattress topper this week because she is a HN. Brett is telling them that she can have the topper if she really wants it, but the way that she does things is just all wrong. They are all talking about how annoying Sam has been about everything she says and does at this point. Angela tells them she can’t even be in the same room as her. Brett tells them he feels petty about being mad about this but this is one small thing on a list of a ton of things that she’s done to annoy him.

The conversation turned to how Scottie has been trying to tell Brett all these things that Brett already knows ad how he has been trying to throw people under the bus. He tells Tyler that Scottie is convinced he is safe this week. He tells them that he called Scottie out on some things too. He asked if it was true that Scottie told Fessy that he had to finish what he started and said he was going to target Brett. They joke about how Scottie turns bright red when he’s lying.

There was a conversation between JC and Scottie also where JC asked Scottie about a comment he made saying that JC was in Fessy’s ear about getting Scottie out. Scottie tells JC that Fessy told him that at the Battle Back. JC tells him that he can’t believe that he said that to him and mentions that he has never said anything about Scottie to Fessy. He tells Scottie that he was probably trying to defend Haleigh.

JC also tells Scottie that him and Fessy were never loyal to each other and that one of his biggest mistakes was trying to work with Fessy. Scottie tells JC that Fessy told him to specifically look out for JC in the house. Scottie then starts throwing Haleigh under the bus with outing all her F2s and blaming JC for Scottie being evicted. He also tells JC that the jury will vote for Haleigh over anyone else.

Angela and Brett have a conversation later about how Scottie feels so safe and isn’t campaigning and then talk about who in the jury hates who more. Brett and Angela think that the jury is going to favor Tyler and Kaycee and they talk about how they are screwed if they get to the end with one of them. Angela and Brett then talk about who they should target next week. Angela asks Brett who he is more worried about when it comes to Sam and JC and he tells her that as much as he wants Sam out, JC is manipulative. They then talk about how he isn’t really a threat though because he can’t win a comp.

Haleigh continued being paranoid about being on the block. She has been bothering Tyler for days about it and he has kept reminding her that he doesn’t have a vote. He tells her that she isn’t the target though to try and calm her down. He tells her that he can’t let Scottie know he is the target and that’s why he is feeling so safe. He tells her that after Thursday’s eviction she will see.

Scottie has a talk with Tyler later last night and he is making a pretty good argument as to why Haleigh should be evicted. He is telling Tyler that Haleigh thinks that Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and Brett have a F4 because she walked in on them celebrating when Angela won HOH, he tells Tyler that Haleigh would get all the votes from Fessy, Rockstar, Bayleigh and mentions how Rockstar sees Tyler, Angela and Brett as the “bad guys” in the house. Tyler mentions that Haleigh was throwing Scottie under the bus the week that Fessy targeted him.

At this point the only thing I can see changing the plan is if Haleigh really gets on everyone’s nerves with the paranoia before tomorrow’s live eviction. Even though Scottie is making a good case to Tyler about why Haleigh should go, they are still set to take Scottie out this week. There is still plenty of time for things to change.

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