Yesterday’s Big Brother 20 live feeds started a little slow, but when they got going they brought some drama! Keep reading to find out what happened inside the Big Brother house on eviction eve right here with our Big Brother 20 live feeds recap. Also, you should make sure you get all caught up with the Big Brother spoilers for this week before tonight’s live show.

We started the feeds off with a 10:20 am BBT wake up call, but the HGs were a little slow to get up. The first real conversation we saw was between Sam and Tyler who are talking about the plan this week. He tells her that he doesn’t get a vote this week but he would like to see Haleigh gone, everyone else wants to see Scottie go. He also told Sam that she needs to win this week’s HOH, implying that she would be going up otherwise. They talk about how Haleigh is starting crap in the house with the other HGs like taking Sam’s mattress topper the other day. As that conversation is ending, Kaycee and Haleigh are chatting. Haleigh is telling her that she is worried about how no one wants her talking to Scottie. Kaycee reminds her to just trust them and that she isn’t the target this week.

There is a conversation between Brett and JC about what they should do next week and JC is still pushing the idea of getting either Kaycee or Angela out. Brett is agreeing with him. Talks turn to this week’s eviction and JC is suggesting that they get Haleigh out this week, but Brett isn’t sure that’s what they should to. He is convinced that Scottie is coming after him for the Rockstar vote situation.

Kaycee talks to JC after that and asks if they are still going for Scottie or if they should go after Haleigh. He tells her that he is really considering Haleigh, but that the plan is still to get Scottie. Kaycee tells him she couldn’t care less who goes this week because she doesn’t trust either of them. Later, Kaycee goes to talk to Tyler and Tyler tells her that he is worried about JC getting into Brett’s head. Kaycee tells Tyler that she thinks that they are good with Brett. Tyler also warns Kaycee that there is a lot of talk going on about getting Angela and Kaycee up together and getting Angela out because of how close he is to her. Talks turn to how Kaycee feels good about getting Haleigh out next, then Sam and then JC.

Last night the HGs got beer and wine and that’s when the fun started. JC is telling Sam that they gave the HGs alcohol as a direct attack to him. He spent most of the night really ticked off that he couldn’t drink with everyone else because he is a HN this week. He also tells Brett that he is worried about Angela and Tyler getting drunk and her filling his head with stuff. JC really wanted to talk to Tyler about if this week is a DE.

Haleigh got upset last night after Brett made a joke about voting her out. She had sprayed him with the sink hose and he jokingly told her that he was going to vote her out because of it. She says that Scottie is being weird and she’s just over everything. Meanwhile, Kaycee and Angela are trying to figure out why Brett is acting so weird. They don’t think that Brett will flip his vote, but they think that him joking about voting Haleigh out was uncalled for.

Sam and Brett are talking in the HN room. Sam tells him that she knows that Haleigh will put Sam up, but Scottie won’t and Brett tells her that he wants Scottie to stay this week, but he has gone after Brett before. Brett says that he is really upset with Haleigh over the prank she pulled earlier. JC has joined the conversation and the three of them are actually talking about flipping the vote and getting Haleigh out this week instead of Scottie.

Later on Brett tells Scottie that he is on this fence this week but is leaning towards wanting Scottie to stay. He tells Scottie that he is a little worried about keeping Scottie because he has gone after him before, but he thinks that they have moved passed that. Scottie tells him that he has gotten passed it. He tells Scottie that he is really bothered about Haleigh getting sloppy drunk and then spraying him with the hose. He mentions how after that happened and she went up to get comforted by the other girls, it really opened his eyes to something he wasn’t aware of before.

There was an argument between Brett and Haleigh about where his bed is now that she moved it on him and he wants her to put it back. She tells him that she will put it back, but he tells her that he can take care of himself. She asks him what his attitude is about and he tells her that he has an attitude because of hers. She tells him all she did was move his bad back to where it was. He tells her that he is annoyed that he was villainized about the situation earlier with the sink hose. She tells him the only reason she walked away after the joke was because she didn’t want to cry in front of everyone. He tells her that he didn’t do anything, he was just sitting there and then she sprayed him. He wasn’t trying to be mean or cruel, he was just joking with her.

Meanwhile, there is a conversation between JC and Tyler. JC is telling Tyler that he wants to vote out Haleigh this week. Tyler tells him that if he does that Scottie is going to put JC up and he would put Tyler up too for putting him up. Tyler tells him that if Scottie stays and goes after him, he is going to be pissed at JC for starting all this. JC tells Tyler that after this week his next target is Angela. Tyler asks him why he is targeting people that aren’t coming for him and adds that Scottie told Tyler that Fessy told him that JC was the reason he was on the block. JC then goes back to how Haleigh should go this week and how Sam and Brett are on board with voting her out and that’s all the votes they need. By the end of this conversation, JC agrees to vote out Scottie over Haleigh.

JC talks to Brett later and says that they need to target Angela next instead of Haleigh. JC also mentions that Tyler asked him to stop being rude to Angela and Brett tells him that Tyler’s mind is gone. JC thinks that once they get Angela out, Sam and Haleigh will go after each other.

While things got interesting for a little while, it looks like Scottie will still walk out of the Big Brother house tonight unless something big happens throughout the day or if JC decides to go against what he told Tyler he would do. Make sure you come back in a little bit to let me know who you think will be going home tonight with our Eviction Poll!

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