Yesterday on the Big Brother 20 live feeds we started to see some panic settling in on the HGs with the numbers dwindling at a rapid pace. They are all starting to get a little paranoid now that the point where they have to start turning on each other gets closer. Keep reading my Big Brother live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers!

We started yesterday’s live feeds off with the Power of Veto Ceremony and Kaycee did not use the POV. After the Ceremony, Tyler tells Sam not to worry and promises her his vote and that she is going to be okay this week. Brett and Tyler had a chat later on about how there are still so many of them, but they are getting closer to the finale. They start speculating that there might be a special eviction episode or maybe they will end up in the house an extra week. Tyler then recalls their contract being until Oct. 5th and if they extended the season then they wouldn’t be able to do anything after (press stuff, etc).

Talks then turn to Kaitlyn not being able to finish that puzzle to get back into the house. Brett says he doesn’t think that Kaitlyn wanted to come back into the house and Tyler tells him he thinks she did. Brett mentions how she quit twice in the middle of the puzzle and it was very obvious.

Tyler and Kaycee talked yesterday evening about how they have to start practicing days and events together. They are talking about leaving Brett out of this study session because then he won’t have anyone to study with him. Tyler tells her that he doesn’t remember Angela doing any kind of studying other than the other day. They are wondering if Angela and Brett are thinking that they will take one of them to F2 with them. Kaycee also tells him that she is happy that she found someone in the house that she can trust.

Kaycee talks to Brett later about JC. She tells him that she thinks that JC might be obsessed with Brett and Brett says he is glad that everyone is starting to notice that. Brett tells her that he thinks that JC is upset with him because he hasn’t been sharing a bed with lately.

Brett had a conversation later with JC about how he thought for sure he was going to be a replacement nom this week and how it would have been a good move by Kaycee. JC says that if Thursday is a DE, he is most worried about Angela winning it. Meanwhile, Tyler is telling Angela and Kaycee that he thinks JC is going to try pulling something on them. Tyler says that JC is trying to make Brett his new Fessy. Tyler also told Kaycee later on that JC said he would put Angela and Sam up if he won HOH, but his original plan was to put Kaycee up with Angela. Kaycee tells him that she isn’t worried about JC because Sam and JC are next in line to go after Haleigh.

After all the HGs started going to bed, Haleigh and Brett stayed up a little later and talked. Haleigh is telling Brett that Angela and Tyler are obvious and warns Brett that Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are a powerful threesome. Haleigh tells Brett that she would vote for Tyler over Kaycee, but Kaycee over Angela in a F2 situation. Haleigh also tells Brett that he needs to get closer to Tyler because Tyler told her that Brett was low in that group.

Things are starting to wind down in the Big Brother 20 house, but this DE on Thursday should shake things up a little bit. Stay tuned for my weekly Favorie HG poll coming up in a little while and tell me who your favorite BB20 HG is for week 11!

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