Yesterday’s Big Brother 20 started off pretty slow and Brett and JC started to get a little paranoid about what might happen this week. The HGs got an exciting announcement and some food from POP yesterday. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap right here to get all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday’s live feeds!

Yesterday morning was not interesting at all, the HGs spent most of the morning and early afternoon in bed and lounging. Kaycee comes out of the DR a little after 2 pm BBT and has all the HGs gather in the living room. Kaycee has a card in her hand and when everyone is in the living room, she reads it to everyone. It is an announcement to them that there are no HNs for the rest of the summer. After this, they talk about how last season they had videos from home and wonder if they are getting them this season.

Feeds go down and when they come back up, the HGs are talking about seeing videos from home. I guess that answered their question from earlier. There was more lounging and chatting. Sam decided that she was going to sleep in the HN room even though it’s over, she says it gets darker in there anyway.

There is a conversation between Tyler and Brett where Tyler asks him how he feels about JC and Brett tells him “same as always” and then asks why. Tyler says that JC might feel it coming (I’m speculating that they might be talking about his eviction) and Brett tells him that they will talk about it later. Brett then goes to JC and they talk about how Haleigh is asking about the votes and he doesn’t know what to tell her. Brett wonders if Kaycee is going to keep the noms the same and JC comments that she wouldn’t be that stupid, but they better not tick off Angela because that might put a target on them.

JC is starting to get a little paranoid again and tells Brett that Kaycee and Angela being close and Angela having Tyler in her pocket is bad for them. They also worry that Haleigh has been all over Angela and Kaycee this week. JC says that him, Brett and Tyler are all voting out Haleigh so they will be fine this week.

Last night the HGs got Chinese food from POP and got alcohol later on. Sam hangs out in the hammock for a while and she is cam talking about how she enjoyed the Chinese food and wine. JC told Tyler last night that he is hoping that Brett wins HOH and goes after Angela and Kaycee. JC mentions that he doesn’t see Brett making it to the end though.

Based on what’s been going on in the Big Brother house, it doesn’t look like the target has shifted any. Not much game talk yesterday, the most interesting part of the feeds was Brett and JC’s paranoid conversation. I’m expecting it to be a relatively quiet day today too with the POV Ceremony happening a little later today. Stay tuned for those spoilers!

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