Last night we watched as Scottie re-joined the Big Brother 20 Jury House and then Kaycee went on to win last night’s HOH! When the feeds came back up after the show we got to listen into some interesting conversations and watched the most emotional HOH room reveal thus far. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from last night’s live feeds right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap! 

After the show ended and the feeds came back up, the HGs were talking about how close Brett and Kaycee were throughout the comp. Talks quickly turned to the HGs trying to figure out what Scottie said in his eviction speech. Apparently he said something about everyone in the house dicking around in the house and how Tyler has been getting “Hilton Head” (the city him and Angela are from). He also flipped everyone off when he spun around and faced them all before bolting for the door. Angela is highly offended by what Scottie said in his speech. Tyler talked to the DR about the comments Scottie made and he told Angela that he was told not to worry about them. Angela is worried that they aired on television.

Talks quickly turned to Kaycee’s noms for this week. She was trying to come up with a justification for putting Sam on the block next to Haleigh to make it look like Sam wasn’t just a pawn going up on the block (even though she is). Kaycee and Angela talked about it a little later and they already know what Kaycee is going to say in her nomination speech about Haleigh, but is still struggling to figure out what to say about Sam. Kaycee thinks that she can talk about her rogue votes. Angela tells Kaycee that she thinks that Sam will be okay with going up based on a conversation she had earlier with her about how Haleigh was the target this week.

A little later we saw a conversation between Brett and Sam and he is telling her that whoever goes up against Haleigh has to remain calm this week because Haleigh is clearly the target. She knows it will be her, but he tells her that it could be him, it could be anyone. If it is her though, she has to stay calm and she tells him that she will.

We then got a look at Kaycee’s HOH room! Everyone is looking at her pictures and then they notice this weird box on the table with her name on it, but she doesn’t know what it is. When she opens the box it says “will you be my…..” and from what we were told by Vegas, inside was a bow-tie. After reading her letter from her brother she realizes that her brother wants her to be the best-woman at his wedding. She got really emotional during this moment and everyone gave her a hug. She looked up at the camera and told her brother “YES!”

Not going to lie, I cried when Kaycee read her letter from her brother. He talked about how they have always been best friends growing up and how he couldn’t think of anyone else in his life that he would want standing next to him when he gets married.

The rest of the night consisted of Kaycee trying to figure out how to word her nomination speech, the HGs all wondering how Sam is going to react to being on the block and Tyler questioning Haleigh about whether she knew what Scottie was going to say in his speech. She said she didn’t. It looks like the noms this week will be Sam and Haleigh with Haleigh as the target. At this point the only way Haleigh can save herself from eviction is with a POV win. Make sure you come back later today to find the confirmed nominations!

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