Based on yesterday’s Big Brother 20 live feeds, things could get pretty juicy during tonight’s Double Eviction! Keep reading my Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers! Make sure you come back throughout the day for our eviction poll, eviction prediction and live recap all coming up later today! 

Yesterday’s live feeds started off with a conversation between Tyler and Kaycee in the HOH room. They are continuing their conversation from the day before about the possibility of Brett flipping on them and what they should do. They decide that they need to take action sooner rather than later and they have to let Angela in on what’s been going on. They decide that Brett is their next target and Tyler thinks that he can talk Brett into throwing the next HOH comp and POV comp and they would use him as a renom.

Tyler and Kaycee talk to Angela later on in the day about the Brett situation and while she isn’t surprised that it’s Brett trying to go after them, she is still livid. After this conversation, Tyler and JC talk and JC tells Tyler that neither JC nor Brett believe that Tyler would put up Angela but Tyler plays it off like he has been thinking about doing it for a while now. JC tells Tyler that he and Brett would both put up Angela and Kaycee if they should win HOH.

Kaycee and Angela are talking about the plans for this week’s eviction and reconfirmed their plan to evict Haleigh. They then talk about the order they should evict everyone in and they agree that it should be Haleigh, Brett, Sam and then JC.

L6 had decided throughout the course of the day decided that they were going to try and make Haleigh feel safe this week so that she was blindsided at the eviction. Angela had gone to Haleigh and told her that things are looking good for her this week because the person she is sitting next to on the block is crazy. Haleigh asked Angela just to let her know if anything changes with the vote and Angela agreed to.

Things were pretty quiet throughout the evening. Brett was starting to get pretty paranoid though because he sensed that Angela was acting weird. JC tells him that they can’t let Angela win HOH this week. After this conversation, JC asks Kaycee that if this is a DE week does he has her vote and she tells him yes. JC then tells Kaycee that he thinks Brett would go after Sam if he won HOH.

One last thing I want to point out from last night’s feeds is that while Angela and Tyler were laying in bed last night, Angela told Tyler that she loved him. He tells her that he thought he was the only one that felt that way. She joked with him after that she was going to tell him she had a 4-year-old child to see his reaction. This could definitely be a bad move for Tyler’s game, but we will have to wait and see what happens!

My eviction poll will be coming up next! We will only be talking about the first eviction of the night today, but keep in mind that tonight is a Double Eviction with means we will know the F5 by the end of tonight’s episode!

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