We have a special eviction happening tonight which will air tomorrow night on Big Brother 20 and one HG, in particular, is ready for this next eviction to happen. Keep reading to find out what happened inside the Big Brother house right here with our Big Brother 20 live feeds recap! If you have missed any of the action in the house this week, make sure you get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers

They got the Veto Meeting out of the way pretty early yesterday morning and when the feeds came back, we learned that Kaycee did not use the POV to take down Sam or JC. Everything is on track for them to get Sam out tonight and then JC out on Thursday. After the POV Meeting, the HGs were talking about how they only have single digit days left in the house and how excited they are.

Sam talked to Tyler a bit yesterday about how she wants to leave on a positive note if she is the target this week. She said she isn’t going to beg to stay in the house because she doesn’t have anything left to offer in the game. Tyler tells her they will talk as the vote gets closer. She continues to talk about how she has nothing bad to say about JC and she is upset with herself for not doing a better job in the game. She mentions how she didn’t have a chance against all these athletic players.

Kaycee and Tyler talked about how Angela is comfortable with the idea that Kaycee and Tyler will both bring her to F2. Tyler mentions to Kaycee that if JC wins the next HOH, he is going to go after Angela. Kaycee talked about how she was excited to meet Derrick and Cody because she feels like they are playing the same exact game they did.

Kaycee and JC chatted a lot throughout the evening hours. They talked about the vote this week and Kaycee tells him that he has her vote. They talked about if JC wins this next HOH, Kaycee is safe. JC told Kaycee that he has no allegiances in the house but then tells her that he wants her to make sure she is playing smart going forward. You can tell he is hinting to her that they need to get Angela out next. He really has it out for her. They also talked about wondering what the Jury House looks like but how neither of them actually want to go there.

Things were quiet throughout the night. Sam has found a perch on the stairs where she eats all her meals and sits most of the day unless she is in the HN room. Tyler and Angela have been spending a lot of time cuddling in the HOH room.

Just a reminder that the feeds are going to be down most of the day today for the special eviction. If I get any spoilers on that, I will fill you in.

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