We have gotten to that part of the Big Brother 20 season where there really isn’t much to tell you in our Big Brother live feed recaps. There was some downtime in the morning so that the F3 could tape their memory lane brunch event for Sunday and then some chatting in between a lot of napping. Get all the Big Brother spoilers below!

The feeds came back from the memory lane brunch event taping at about 12:40 pm BBT. The HGs cleared the dishes and then Tyler gives JC a pep talk for Round 2 of the HOH comp. Throughout the day the HGs were speculating when the next round of the HOH would happen. Tyler and JC came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be done on Friday because there was no work being done outside. I found out from our Twitter leaker, Vegas, that it will be happening sometime today!

There was some talk about the Jury Roundtable, which happened last night. Tyler mentions that Angela has been sequestered and won’t show up to the roundtable until everyone else is there and seated. Later, Kaycee and JC are talking about freaking out when they saw the fourth place setting at the Memory Lane Brunch. They thought there was some kind of twist, come to find out it was just for Jeff Schroeder.

The HGs spent a good amount of time studying for part two of the HOH comp. Tyler helped Kaycee and JC studied on his own. While Kaycee and Tyler are going over dates and times, Kaycee asks him if JC has said anything to him. He tells her that the only thing he has mentioned is that Kaycee would win if she is in the F2. She doesn’t seem surprised by this and mentions that he will say anything to make him look like the better pick. She also tells him that JC keeps telling her that he will take her to F2 if he wins the HOH.

The HGs then had dinner, relaxed in the living room and chatted after and then went to bed. Round 2 of the final HOH should be happening sometime today, the Jury Roundtable happened last night, and I’m not expecting anything too exciting to happen. If by some miracle something exciting does happen, I’ll tell you all about it! Stay tuned for the Round 2 results coming up later and if you haven’t had the chance to vote in our Favorite HG Poll, you can do so right here!

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