Last night two out of the three remaining Big Brother 20 HGs competed in round 2 of the final HOH! Prior to that, there was a lot of napping and talk of life outside of the Big Brother house. Find out who won round 2 of the final HOH and more right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap. If you have missed any of the action, make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the details!

There really isn’t much to talk about prior to the second round of the final HOH. The HGs slept a lot, hung out and talked about nothing game related at all. There really isn’t much gameplay left to be talked about at this point.

Fast forward to the feeds returning from the round 2 of the final HOH. Everyone is sitting in the kitchen. JC is spinning around in the chairs at the counter and they are all chatting a little. Based on the chats, we find out that Kaycee won the second round of the final HOH and will face off against Tyler in round 3. We now know why JC is so upset and not really saying much to anyone. JC leaves to go to the storage room and Tyler and Kaycee quietly celebrate their wins in the final HOH.

A little later, JC is sitting alone in the pink bedroom. He is sulking about his loss and it talking about how he can’t believe that the second round was another physical comp. It usually is a combination of physical and mental, but when Tyler and Kaycee tried to tell him that earlier, he didn’t believe them. He continues to complain about how he got this far in the game because of his social and mental game but then he got two physical comps in a row. Apparently, he only lost to Kaycee by 40 seconds too which probably made it sting just a little bit more.

Tyler and Kaycee are in the other room talking about how awesome it is that their F2 from day 1 made it to the finale. They start to talk about telling JC about their F2, but then decide that it might be better to wait so that he doesn’t try and talk either of them out of taking the other if they win the final round. Which is exactly what happened a little later when JC and Tyler talked. JC is telling Tyler that he will probably come in second to Tyler. JC also talked about how they should have gotten Kaycee out sooner in the game, but Tyler tells him that keeping her seemed like the right thing to do at the time because she wasn’t winning comps. JC tells Tyler he has to win R3 or JC won’t make the F2. He has no idea he probably isn’t making F2 either way.

So, JC is worried about his chances of making it to F2, which he should be considering it looks like Kaycee and Tyler are set on taking each other to F2. However, we have seen these F2 deals change last second many times. We will have to wait and see what actually happens. As we finish up the season I will keep you as informed as I can about the happenings inside the house. Make sure you come back tonight for our Big Brother live recap. Also, if you haven’t had a chance to vote in our Big Brother favorite HG poll, you can do so right here and I will have the results on Wednesday!

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