Last night we watched as a member of L6 was evicted from the Big Brother 20 house. While the remaining members of L6 were upset to see Angela go, they couldn’t dwell on it too long because they had the first round of the final HOH to think about. Keep reading my Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from last night’s feeds!

Last night the Big Brother live feeds came back after a brief delay and we watched as Kaycee, Tyler, and JC all reacted to Angela’s departure. Tyler is worried that the people in the jury house are going to be mean to Angela when she gets there. When JC isn’t around, Tyler told Kaycee about how JC told him that the F2 deal he (Tyler) has with Kaycee better be fake. They both mention how the first time they told Angela about their F2 was in their GBMs. They also discuss being careful about what they talk about and when because you never know when JC might be listening.

When JC rejoins the conversation, the talks switch to how the other side of the house made really bad moves throughout the game. Kaycee is worried that Angela is going to be upset with her for evicting her but later mentions that she will probably get over it but jokingly throw it in her face whenever she can.

There was a lot of lounging before the comp. Tyler and Kaycee discuss a game plan for the first round of the final HOH. Tyler tells Kaycee that if it comes down to Kaycee and Tyler then Kaycee should win the comp. Kaycee agrees to this because she thinks that Tyler will do better against JC in the mental comp which is usually the second round.

Feeds cut for the HOH and three hours later they came back up and we found out that Tyler won the first round. The HGs chat a bit about the comp and then JC goes to shower. While he is in the shower, Kaycee and Tyler talk about what happened during the comp. Apparently, JC feel first and then Tyler was going to fall, but Kaycee fell first. Tyler tells her that he could have stayed up there a lot longer. Tyler tells Kaycee not to worry about round two because even if she doesn’t win against JC in the mental comp, Tyler will win round three and they will be fine.

There was some chatting between JC and Tyler about how many great moves JC made throughout the game and how he put his game on the line to keep Tyler safe all season. Nothing he is saying is completely accurate, but he seems to really believe what he is feeding to Tyler. You know that Tyler isn’t buying any of it.

It seems like Kaycee and Tyler are really committed to taking each other to the F2. Their best case scenario is if Kaycee wins Round 2 and then they have to battle it out in the final round. If JC manages to pull off a win in Round 2 though, things could get a little interesting. We will have to wait and find out! Round 2 should be happening sometime this weekend. I will keep you all posted on the spoilers as they come!

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