The feeds started off a little slow yesterday with a lot of lounging around in the Big Brother 20 house. There was some back and forth about which of the noms should stay and which should go. Things also got a little tense in the Big Brother house after one HG finds out the Bros are trying to throw her under the bus! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers for all the details!

The feeds started off with Rockstar and Kaitlyn talking about Sam joining the rest of the women in the house and be a big alliance. Then Angela joins the conversation on who they were going to be voting out this week. Angela is clearly trying to sway them to keep Brett telling them that he will take them far in the game. Rockstar tells her that he will take Rachel far and Kaitlyn far, but not her (she is right).

HNs have been chosen. Sam, Tyler, and Angela volunteer to be HNs this week, Brett already received a HN for the week punishment during the Veto comp this week. Everyone is talking about who should stay this week and it looks like Brett might have the votes from most of the ladies at this point, but a lot can change. Scottie confirmed to Bayleigh that he isn’t using the POV and keeping the noms the same.

Kaitlyn revealed to Haleigh that she told Bayleigh that she was the flip vote that sent Steve home and tells her that Tyler and her are so close because he knows everything there is to know about her game moves. There is a conversation between Kaitlyn, Haleigh, and Bayleigh and Kaitlyn tells them that they need to keep Brett because he will help them go after JC and Scottie. Kaitlyn tells them that her biggest concern with Scottie is that he could look her in the face and tell her that he didn’t flip his vote and vote to evict Swaggy when he did, wearing a Swaggy shirt. Bayleigh is frustrated that Scottie is lying to her face about the Swaggy vote. She recalls him going to her and telling her that he would be there for her because his two best friends left and he doesn’t have anyone either.

Sam goes up to the HOH and tells everyone in there that she needs to talk to Scottie alone. Everyone leaves and Sam asks Scottie what he is doing. He tells her that they are staying on the block unless one of them has a power. Sam asks if he is going to put her up and he tells her no. He starts telling her that Winston and Brett have been inseparable the last few weeks and now they still are but are separating for short periods to campaign. After this, she tells him that she is a little nervous that Brett might have a power. She asks Scottie who everyone is wanting to renom just in case and he tells her that Kaitlyn is worried that she (Kaitlyn) will be. He tells Sam that Kaitlyn will only go up if Brett has a power. She is campaigning for him, but he is the only reason she would go up.

Brett came up to the HOH to talk to Sam alone and she is trying to feel Brett out and see if he has a power or not and if he would target her with it. She then outright asks him and he tells her no. She asks if Kaitlyn has it and says he tells her he has no idea. He swears to her that he doesn’t have it and tells her that if he had it, he wouldn’t be freaking out like this. Sam tells him that as it stands and from what she is seeing, he has it by the votes. Sam tells him that she would like to work with Brett later and if she doesn’t win this game, she would rather see Brett win it.

Later on, there is a conversation between Scottie and Kaitlyn. She tells him that she had a dream that Winston and Brett were trying to get her on the block. This opened a can of worms because Scottie told her that did happen. He tells her all about the secret meeting with Brett and Winston and offering a F3 with him. She excited about knowing this because of her dream and then he tells her that the plan was to take Brett down and put Kaitlyn up renom and they would keep Winston over Kaitlyn. She then tells Rockstar that Brett has to go and that she was sorry it took so long for her to see it.

Fessy tells her that she can’t blow up at Brett, it won’t do any good. She said it needs to be clear that he is F-ing with the wrong “intuitive b****.” Kaitlyn runs out of the HOH room and yells down at Brett and Winston and they ask her “what’s up?” She asks them “what’s up” tells them she is giving them an opportunity to come clean about what is going up. She wants to know what she did to deserve them throwing her under the bus and they are super confused. Scottie tells them that she knows about their secret meeting.

Brett said that he told Scottie that sending Kaitlyn home would put the least amount of blood on his hands. He then tells her that he heard she was campaigning against him all morning. She tells him that she was trying to save him this week! She then gets really upset over that and then accuses them of scheming. Brett is upset that he is the only one getting attacked about this when he is owning what he said. She tells everyone that this is exactly why she did what she did last week because people are always talking. She tells everyone to make sure they stick up for themselves.

Kaitlyn storms out of the house and no one follows her. Tyler later tells Kaitlyn she needs to reel it in a bit. She is making herself a bigger target. Fessy, Kaitlyn, Rockstar, and JC are all talking outside. Fessy thinks it’s odd that Haleigh isn’t out there with them and JC tells him to stop adding fuel to the fire. JC is being the voice of reason and telling Kaitlyn that her blowing up wasn’t necessary, just send him home on Thursday.

The night goes on with a lot of random conversations about what happened. Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that Brett told her that everyone was saying Kaitlyn was campaigning against him. Haleigh doesn’t believe anyone said that. Later, Winston tells Brett that he should mention that Kaitlyn was the 7th vote to get rid of Steve week one. Brett points out to Angela, Winston, and Rachel that Scottie is running back and telling Kaitlyn and Haleigh and mentions that he thinks Scottie is the brains behind the group.

Tyler mentions to JC later that Brett needs to stay this week after this blowup. He will always be a bigger target. Kaitlyn is also starting to question whether can trust Tyler because he wasn’t really there for her when she needed him. So, even though the blowup was directed toward Brett, it seems to be helping him rally votes. The POV meeting will happen a little later today and we will most likely see Scottie keep the noms the same, there might be some excitement if one of the Bros mentions Kaitlyn being the 7th vote, but Scottie seems to be pretty set. Stay tuned!

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