Yesterday on the Big Brother 20 live feeds we watched as Bayleigh and Haleigh tried to convince Angela that renom’ing Scottie this week is the best thing to do. Did their powers of persuasion work? Get all the Big Brother spoilers here with our Big Brother live feeds recap! Also, make sure you stay tuned for the POV Ceremony spoilers a little later today. 

We started the morning off with Rockstar being told by Jesse that she has to get up and make flaxjacks for everyone this morning while doing jumping jacks. I would think in order to get this punishment over as quickly as possible, she would cook more than one at a time, but she does these one at a time. She also had to make beetballs while shadow boxing and did nunchucks and made nachos throughout the day.

About 20 minutes later, Kaycee’s exercise song comes on and she jumps out of bed and starts working out to the song. We also had a visit from Granny, which is Brett’s punishment this week. It’s a lot like the “Yell!” punishment, but Granny visits Brett every so often and this time she cooked him something to eat and he had to eat it all. Then Granny left to go play Bingo. There was one point in the feeds where Granny came to visit and made Brett mess up the beds and empty out the drawers and she gave him a sweet new “I [heart] Granny” sweater to wear.

Throughout the day, Angela tried to play along with the “I’m going to renom Scottie and put him next to Tyler” plan that Bayleigh and her side have proposed to Angela. She tells Fessy that she isn’t sure which one to target when they are both on the block and JC is throwing around names and scenarios to Bayleigh to confuse her. Mentions that he thinks Fessy might be Angela’s BD target. Angela later tells Tyler that Bayleigh has no idea what’s coming and she might mention Bayleigh bullying Scottie in her POV speech.

Bayleigh at one point tells Fessy that Angela is still undecided on what she is going to do and that makes her worried that Scottie might be in her ear blaming them for everything. She tells him how Scottie got $5000, a trip to Greece and was saved by the Hacker this week. Fessy tells her those are all things she should tell Angela and Bayleigh tells him not to tell her what to say because she has been the one giving him ideas, not the other way around and points out that she is good at this (the fact that she is going to be BD’d this week determines that is a lie).

Later there is a chat between Bayleigh and Haleigh where they think that they should vote Scottie out this week instead of Tyler and then they can use Bayleigh’s power to put Tyler and Sam up next week. Later, there is a conversation with Angela, Scottie, and Tyler. She tells Scottie and Tyler how Haleigh, Fessy, and Bayleigh are all telling her that she would go down in history if she put Scottie and Tyler up on the block together. She also tells them that Bayleigh promised to use her power to save Angela if she did this. Tyler tells her that Bayleigh won’t use the power on her, she will keep it for herself. (They are trying to make it look like Tyler and Angela aren’t working together in front of Scottie)

Scottie is really upset that his alliance keeps throwing his name under the bus with them. He says he has been nothing but loyal to them and Tyler tells him that they are clearly using him to blame things on. Scottie tells him that when they come to him after the Veto Ceremony he is just going to act shocked. He also tells Kaycee and Angela that Bayleigh made him swear on the Bible that he would nominate Kaycee, Angela or Rachel if he won HOH this week (before eviction).

Hayleigh and Bayleigh spent a lot of time talking about how confident they are that Angela won’t come after one of them because they haven’t done anything wrong to her. Bayleigh tells Haleigh and Rockstar later that if there is a secret BD plan for her (Bayleigh) she is going to be pissed (ohhh this is going to be good!). Bayleigh also tells Rockstar how she thinks RS only thinks about herself and doesn’t think about how hard her allies have worked to keep her safe these last two weeks. She mentions that Rockstar has had a great social game this week but her and Haleigh have been blacklisted, no one wants to talk to them.

Throughout this conversation, Bayleigh was being really short with Rockstar. Rockstar repeated herself a couple times and Bayleigh snapped at her about it (“you said that five times now Rock, I know.” “I wasn’t f***** mad at Sam stop f****** saying that!” “don’t f****** talk about me!”).

It looks like everything is set for a BD at the Veto Ceremony. There is going to be a lot of drama in the house today with Angela planning to put Bayleigh up next to Rockstar this week. Make sure you come back later today for the POV Ceremony spoilers!

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