Yesterday we found out what Tyler’s plan was for the Power of Veto on Big Brother 20. If you have missed that or any other details of this week’s action, check out our Big Brother spoilers to get call caught up! Keep reading to find out what happened on the Big Brother 20 live feeds yesterday right here with our live feeds recap!

About an hour after the HGs got up for the day, Tyler was called to the DR and before he went in, Haleigh tried to get a hint from him on what he was going to do during the Veto Ceremony. Tyler refused to tell her and about five minutes later, the feeds went down. When the feeds came back up, Rockstar is still sitting on the couch and she is stunned and crying. She was really expecting Tyler to take the deal that her and Haleigh laid out for him. Rockstar then heads out to the yard and tells Sam that she might not have the votes to stay this week.

Rockstar then goes inside and joins Tyler and Kaycee in the lounge. Tyler tells her that she has Haleigh to thank for this. If Haleigh didn’t try and target him last week with the Hacker power, he might have been more willing to work with her. He tells her that he knows it sucks, but he also knows that Rockstar understands why he had to do it. Rockstar asks if she can have a few minutes to talk to Kaycee and Tyler leaves the room. She tells Kaycee that she is really upset that it’s the two of them on the block together and that she’s sorry it had to be her.

Earlier in the feeds when she was comforting Rockstar, Sam told her that she really likes both of them. When she talked to Tyler though, she told him that she would vote to keep Kaycee this week and pinky promised that her loyalties remain with Kaycee. Tyler also apologized to Sam for making her feel sad, but explains to her that people were starting to talk about how him and Sam had a F2 and he needed to distance himself. He is explaining to her that now that he saved Angela, they all think that he has a F2 with Angela and not Sam. Sam tells Tyler that this really sucks because she loves Rockstar so much.

During this conversation, Haleigh is upstairs talking to Brett about votes. She is expecting Brett, JC, Scottie, Sam and Fessy to vote to keep Rockstar. The only votes they really have is Fessy and maybe Scottie. Even Scottie at this point seems to be voting to keep Kaycee this point. Seems like Kaycee seems to be canceling Fessy’s vote this week.

Throughout the afternoon there is a lot of talking and hanging out. Haleigh and the rest of that side of the house feel really confident that Rockstar will be staying even if one of their votes is canceled. That doesn’t seem to be the case at all though. Rockstar told Sam that she should tell everyone that she is voting to evict her so that the Hacker doesn’t cancel her vote. JC also warned Tyler to cancel Fessy’s vote this week, Tyler tells him he isn’t the Hacker, but JC doesn’t believe him and also tells Tyler that he thinks he has the second Power App.

There is a chat between Sam and JC where Sam asks JC how he is voting. He tells her that he is worried about talking about it because he doesn’t want his vote to be canceled. He tells her that if she promises not to say anything he will tells her that his vote is going to be against Rockstar. Sam tells him that she is just going to pick dots from a cup again (she isn’t really going to do this).

Later there is a conversation between Haleigh and Scottie where they are talking about the votes. He tells her that he thinks that Rockstar is better for his game. Haleigh tells him that she almost considered JC as a renom, but didn’t know if they had the votes to get him out. She also tells him that she thinks that Sam might be playing with them. They go over the votes again and think that they have four solid votes to keep Rockstar without Sam’s vote. Rockstar joins the conversation and tells them that she wants to start a rumor about a showmance between Tyler and Angela. She had also mentioned earlier that she was thinking about putting it in her eviction speech, but Haleigh told her that wasn’t a good idea.

Talks go back to the votes and Scottie suggests that they could have a house meeting to make everyone reveal their voting intentions. He does realize that he can’t force anyone to tell the truth, right? Haleigh isn’t sure about Sam’s vote, but Rockstar thinks she has is. They talk about who their target should be next week. They think that if they take out Angela, Tyler will be neutralized (hahahaha, sorry I have to laugh at this).

There is not a lot of trust in this group. Rockstar doesn’t trust JC or Scottie, Haleigh doesn’t trust Sam, Scottie does trust Sam or JC, yet they think they have all these votes to keep Rockstar. There is a bit of an argument between the members of the show’s newest showmance. Fessy tells Haleigh that if he wins HOH next week he is going to take a shot at Scottie. Haleigh tells him that they have other targets to take out first and he asks who? She tells him Angela, Tyler and Brett. Fessy tells her that Tyler isn’t going after him though and she gets upset because Tyler is gunning for her and Fessy is being selfish. He tells her that Scottie is a sneak and needs to go too.

The rest of the night is mostly lounging and whatnot. The Hive is going to be blindsided again this week when Kaycee stays in the house and Rockstar gets to go spend a week with her girl Bayleigh in the jury house. Make sure you come back a little later for our weekly Favorite HG poll and let me know who your favorite HG is for week 7 of Big Brother!

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