Today is Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother 20 house, which means there was a lot of talk about what the plan was on the Big Brother live feeds yesterday. If you missed who won the POV this week, you can find out right here. Keep reading my Big Brother live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house right here!

Yesterday’s feeds started off with a conversation with Sam and Rockstar. Rockstar tells Sam that she is wondering if she can pull this off, Sam asks her what? She tells her “getting pulled off the block” and Sam tells her that she thinks it’s a done deal. Tyler would be stupid not to take the deal that Haleigh laid out for him the night before. Rockstar lays out a plan on how they could potentially make it to F3 with Haleigh. Sam doesn’t seem so sure about this, but she says she believes in her.

Haleigh tells Scottie that she plans to talk to Tyler again at some point in the day to make sure he knows that her talk with him the night before wasn’t just because she had been drinking. She tells him that she thinks that the talk went well yesterday, but she isn’t sure if Tyler is just telling her what she wants to hear.

A little later, Haleigh reminds Fessy that she needs him to talk to Tyler today and see if he can figure out what Tyler is doing with the Veto. Fessy tells Haleigh that Tyler has been doing what the HOH wants each week and that’s how he ends up in a good spot each week. Haleigh tells him that none of those HOH’s tried to target Tyler though. Fessy says that Rockstar needs to go talk to Tyler that no matter who is next to Rockstar, Rockstar isn’t going home because no one is going to vote her out. Rockstar tells him that’s a terrible pitch and maybe he should do that himself. Haleigh tells them that the worse pitch she ever heard was when Tyler asked to be BD’d.

There are some chats throughout the day and a lot of lounging. Tyler and Scottie had a talk about how Sam has been drifting from Tyler and Scottie tells him that Rockstar is pulling her away. Tyler talks about how he is in a tough spot with the Veto. Haleigh joins the conversation. After Tyler leaves the conversation, Haleigh asks Scottie how his conversation went and he tells her that it went well, but Tyler doesn’t know what he’s going to do because he doesn’t want both sides to end up mad at him.

There is a chat between Rockstar and Scottie about how Kaycee might have the last power app. They talk about Sam and how Rockstar and Bayleigh were her people in the house and how Sam seems to finally be playing the game, but Rockstar had to tell Sam to slow down. Rockstar thinks that the deal they offered Tyler (safety until F6) is an offer he can’t refuse.

A little later, there is a conversation between Rockstar and Haleigh about the deal they made with Tyler and how he would be stupid not to take it because they can actually keep it. Haleigh tells Rockstar that she wouldn’t keep it though and she would BD him as soon as she got the chance.

There is a conversation between Tyler and Kaycee where they talk about Rockstar telling him that she can get Sam to keep him safe and then later on Sam confirming that she agrees to the deal, but Tyler is confused because they already had that deal. They talk about not knowing where Sam’s head is at. The conversation turns to his conversation with Scottie earlier and how when Haleigh joined the conversation, they started talking crap about JC. They talk about if he uses the POV that Kaycee will most likely go back up. They talk about being good with the votes to get Rockstar out.

Tyler had a talk with JC last night and reminded him that the plan is to vote out Rockstar and he tells Tyler he is going to do that and after the Veto Meeting he isn’t going to talk game to the other side of the house anymore. JC asks why he would use the Veto in the first place and he tells JC that Sam would be too tempted to vote out Angela, but she won’t vote out Kaycee. Tyler tells JC that he wants Scottie out next week and JC tells him that Brett was talking about wanting Fessy out next week. During this conversation, JC promises Tyler that he is his #1.

Later on Haleigh asks Tyler what he wants to do and he tells her that he is going to do whatever’s best for him. He doesn’t have a decision made yet, but he is going to do whatever he thinks keeps himself safe. She tells him that she doesn’t want to risk someone going up that might stay over Rockstar. He asks her who won’t send her home? She tells him she doesn’t know.

After Tyler leaves, Haleigh talks with Rockstar and she tells her that Tyler hasn’t decided what he’s going to do. She tells Rockstar that Tyler doesn’t know this game and has clearly not seen much of it (that couldn’t be further from the truth). Fessy made his pitch to Tyler about how it’s a numbers game and Tyler needs to do what’s best for him, what’s going to set him up the best way next week. Fessy tells him that no one is going vote Rockstar out. He tells Tyler that even if Tyler saves Angela, Kaycee goes up and Kaycee goes home. Tyler is just listening to him and barely engaging in the conversation.

Fessy goes upstairs and tells Haleigh and Rockstar that his conversation with Tyler went pretty good. He tells them what his pitch was to Tyler. It looks like Angela is going to come down off the block today during the Veto Meeting and it’s pretty likely that Kaycee will go back up in her place. Kaycee will most likely cancel Fessy’s vote on Thursday and Rockstar will most likely go home. We will see how this week plays out. Make sure you come back later to find out how the Veto Meeting plays out!

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