It was eviction eve inside the Big Brother 20 house and the nominees did some last minute campaigning before tonight’s live eviction. Keep reading our Big Brother 20 live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday and make sure you come back for tonight’s Big Brother live recap! 

Yesterday’s feeds started a little slow, but there was a conversation between Sam and Rockstar yesterday morning I would like to mention. Rockstar goes off about how terrible Angela is and Sam tells her to stop. Rockstar just tells Sam that she just likes to say things out loud because she needs to get them out. Rockstar goes on about how Angela comes from money, she has no kids and she doesn’t really need to be here. Sam tells her that she does’t see that. Rockstar goes on to say that she has Tyler and Kaycee following her blindly through the game. She seems very jealous and bitter.

Brett told Kaycee that Scottie was on the fence about who to vote for this week so Kaycee goes to campaign to him. She tells him that she knows this is a hard vote for him, but she tells him that she has his back. She tells Scottie she isn’t going to trash Rockstar, but she really wants to be here and has tons of game left to play.

Rockstar starts to get nervous throughout the day that she might not have the votes to stay. Fessy, Haleigh and Rockstar are talking about how JC won’t commit his vote and he isn’t loyal to any side, but they think that they are secure with the votes from Sam, Scottie and Brett.

JC promised his vote to Kaycee though later on. They also talk about how Haleigh and Fessy are in a showmance but their alliance doesn’t see it. JC also mentions that Rockstar thinks that she has his vote based on talks they have had. Kaycee mentions that Scottie really likes Haleigh and JC wonders if he can use that to pit Fessy against Scottie. JC talks about how the votes are going to be 5-1 and they should pin that one vote on Scottie.

There was some talks about who everyone would target next week. Angela and Kaycee want to put Haleigh and Fessy up together, but BD Scottie. Brett isn’t sold on this idea, because he already has an excuse for Haleigh to explain his vote. Later when Brett is talking to Haleigh she tells him that she is nervous about the vote and that she is nervous about next week because she can’t compete in HOH to try and save herself. She mentions that she has been told by four people that she is good for their vote for Rockstar. Brett suggests that people are probably waiting to hear whose vote gets canceled.

There is another conversation between Sam and Rockstar and Rockstar tells her how she has been noticing Tyler has been campaigning for Kaycee to stay and how Kaycee has been holding one on ones all day. She then talks about how Bayleigh is going to be disappointed if it’s her that walks into the jury house this week. Rockstar gets herself all worked up when she sees Scottie wearing Angela’s hoodie and hat too. Haleigh tells her she isn’t going home and Rockstar admits that she has to make herself calm down.

There is some conversations about votes later on that I would like to note. Scottie tells Rockstar that Brett isn’t sure which way Sam is voting and Scottie tells Haleigh, Fessy and Rockstar that Brett is worried about being on the wrong side of the vote. Haleigh tells them that’s why they need to talk to JC and Brett and reassure them that Sam is voting to keep Rockstar so that they do too.

Later, Fessy goes to JC and tells him that Sam is voting to keep Rockstar, but JC tells him that she told him otherwise. JC mentions that Sam is just acting weird. JC tells Fessy that he isn’t telling anyone how he is voting because he is worried that the Hacker will cancel his vote. Fessy tells him that he isn’t the Hacker and tells JC to tell him how he is voting. JC tells Fessy not to tell him what to do and Fessy reminds him that if they are going to be a team, JC needs to share these things with him. JC tells him not to call them a team.

Tyler and Sam have a conversation later about her vote. She promises that her vote is for Kaycee to stay because she promised Kaycee first, but does tell Tyler that they think she is voting to keep Rockstar. She tells Tyler that he is always going to be on his side, but she doesn’t want him to replace her with Angela. He tells her that he is going to make the other side of the house think that he is with Angela so that if he is targeted, they go after Angela too and not Sam.

Fessy goes back to tell Haleigh about how JC doesn’t think that their side of the house works as a team. Haleigh is upset by this and tells Fessy that she isn’t telling JC anything anymore because he does nothing for them. Haleigh mentions that JC doesn’t hang out in the HOH room, but did when Angela was HOH. Fessy tells her that he is sure that JC isn’t working with Kaycee or Angela. Haleigh wants to have Brett come in so they can have an open discussion, but no one likes that idea.

When Fessy leaves the room, Scottie tells Haleigh that Brett is worried about working with them because he sees Haleigh and Fessy as a F2. When Fessy left the room he went down to talk to JC and complain about Haleigh. JC starts to plant the seed to pit Fessy against Scottie. He tells Fessy how Scottie is always hanging out with Haleigh and mentions that Scottie might like her.

Things in the house are going to be interesting tonight, that’s for sure. Everyone seems to be lying about their votes and the Hive is just eating it all up. Make sure you come back later for my eviction poll, eviction prediction and then my live recap later. Also, tonight is an endurance comp for the HOH so be on the lookout tonight for HOH spoilers!

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