Yesterday was nomination day in the Big Brother 20 house and what an interesting day it was. If you missed any of the action on the Big Brother live feeds, keep reading my live feeds recap right here. Make sure you come back later for our Big Brother spoilers to find out who is playing in the Power of Veto and who wins the Power of Veto!

Yesterday morning Fessy started his one on ones with a plan in mind to get Scottie out the door this week. He told Tyler and Angela that they would be safe from being BD’d as long as they didn’t use the Power of Veto this week if they should win it. He also tells them that even thought they have been on opposite sides, doesn’t mean they are against each other (umm, what?). Fessy told them that at this point in the game, he is more worried about the people playing the middle.

When Kaycee talks to Fessy she apologizes for what happened in the HOH room the night before. Fessy told her that it was Scottie who was the problem, not her. He gives her the same “even though we don’t vote the same” speech he gave Angela and Tyler. He told her that he is worried about the people playing the middle and he pitches her a deal for next week. Told her if he goes to bat for her this week then he needs her to go to bat for him this week and next week and she agrees to it. He then asks Kaycee again if she really thinks it was Brett who voted to keep Rockstar and she told him that she does because she has been close to Scottie since the beginning.

Kaycee and Haleigh then have a conversation where Kaycee apologized for what happened in the HOH but Haleigh told her there was not reason to apologize. Haleigh then told her she was sorry for nominating her last week, she was never her target. Haleigh then chats with Fessy and he told her that he isn’t doing the whole pawns and BD thing. He told her that he is nominating Brett and Scottie. Haleigh told him that it doesn’t make sense that he trusts Tyler but doesn’t trust Brett or Scottie. Fessy told her he doesn’t trust Tyler, but Tyler has never targeted him or done anything to screw him in this game.

Haleigh then told him that if they end up evicting Brett or Scottie that Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and Sam will all come for them and they won’t make F5. Fessy told her that if Scottie or Brett come off the block, then Tyler will go up as a renom. Meanwhile, Tyler is telling L6 that Fessy told him he isn’t going up, which makes Brett think that he is going up even more.

There was a conversation before the noms ceremony with Fessy and Scottie where they discussed Brett trying to throw Scottie under the bus by claiming his vote. Scottie told Fessy that Brett isn’t the lone wolf he is claiming to be and adds that given the opportunity, Brett would target Fessy and Scottie.

Feeds go down for the Nomination Ceremony and when they come back up we find out that Scottie and Brett are on the block. Scottie is clearly not happy about this, but Brett and Angela go off to the bathroom and they are laughing about it. Fessy told Scottie that someone is lying and this is the only way to find out who it is.

At 7:42 pm BBT, Sam starts yelling that her lips are swelling up and she starts freaking out. Someone asked her what she was eating and Brett yelled that she was eating tuna and hemp seeds. She is having an allergic reaction. Tyler yells for her to go to the DR and yells for them to open the door for her. She goes and the feeds cut. When the feeds come back up, we find out that it was the hemp seeds she was allergic to and she didn’t know. They were confiscated and Sam is fine now.

Later, Fessy and Haleigh talked and he tells her that he wants to pitch a deal with Tyler and Angela. He doesn’t want to work with them, just trusts them enough to talk. He tells Haleigh that he thinks that Brett and Scottie are both feeding him BS. Brett and Tyler are talking in the meantime about how someone needs to pick Tyler to play veto. Brett thinks that Fessy is trying to BD Tyler, Tyler agrees he thinks that’s the plan.

The HGs all went to bed pretty early last night but Scottie and Haleigh stayed up a little to talk. He is convinced that if he stays on the block, he will go home on Thursday. Haleigh told him that he only needs three votes to tie and he told her that he doesn’t think he can get more than one. Especially if Tyler is working with the other side. Scottie told her that Fessy mentioned how Scottie and Haleigh are close and the way he said it insinuated that Fessy didn’t like it.

Haleigh goes to talk to Fessy and tells him that she thinks he made the wrong move with Scottie. She told him that she thinks Scottie is really with them and that JC might be making things up. Fessy starts questioning Haleigh about a deal between her, Brett and Scottie and she gets annoyed, but that doesn’t last long because they are kissing minutes later. She then goes downstairs to bed.

So it looks like if Scottie doesn’t win the Veto, he could be in real danger of going home. Make sure you come back later for the Power of Veto spoilers coming up at some point today!

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