The Power of Veto Meeting took place yesterday on the Big Brother 20 live feeds and things remained pretty calm throughout the day. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from before and after the POV Meeting took place right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap! 

The day started off pretty uneventful, Scottie talked to Tyler about the votes and tells Tyler that Sam is most likely going up next to him. The feeds cut for the Veto Meeting and when they came back up we found out that Brett took himself off the block and Kaycee was the renom just like Fessy had planned.

Haleigh told Fessy that Scottie asked Kaycee if she knew she was going up and she told him “no.”Haleigh also told him that she was expecting Sam to be the renom this week and Fessy told her that Sam will be next week’s target. Meanwhile, Brett and Angela are talking about how Scottie already campaigned against his two closest allies in the house (Sam and Haleigh).

Tyler thinks that votes will be unanimous and him and Brett are going to make Scottie think that he has their votes. Tyler, Angela and Brett all talked about if there was going to be a double eviction this season. Brett thinks in order to get to the finale on September 27th, there will probably be a battle back and a double eviction (the finale is actually the 26th).

We found out that Scottie snapped on Sam at the Veto Meeting like he said he was going to. JC asks Sam what she did to Scottie to make him do that and she told him she had no idea. Sam also told him that as of 1:30 pm BBT until noon today she was going to protest in silence. She said she is protesting the cruelty. JC then tells Fessy and Brett about this and tells them that he wants everyone to ask her if she took her meds. Fessy and Brett both tell him that’s not nice. Sam’s silent strike only lasted three hours, she was talking by dinner time.

The HGs lounged most of the evening talking about how to go about next week. Angela hopes that Brett wins HOH next week because he has a reason to target Fessy. Angela said she would use Sam as a pawn next to Haleigh next week if she won. Tyler talked to Scottie about his campaign and Scottie tells him that there is no use to campaign because he is done. He told Haleigh earlier that his strategy was hoping for a Battle Back.

Haleigh and Fessy were arguing again. She is sick of Fessy’s jealously towards Scottie. Fessy tells her that he doesn’t want her voting to keep Scottie this week and she tells him that she isn’t and the vote will be unanimous. Haleigh is pretty sure that Scottie is going to blow up someone’s game before he leaves though.

It was an uneventful POV Meeting day in the house. Scottie and everyone else in the house knows that he is going to jury this week. There is some potential for drama if Scottie decides to blow up someone’s game in the house, but other than that it should be smooth sailing to Thursday’s eviction. Also, make sure you come back a little later for our Favorite HG Poll for week 8!

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