The HGs in the Big Brother 20 house spent most of the day talking about plans for next week as the plan for this week is already set in stone. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the details of the conversations that went on yesterday. If you have missed out on any Big Brother spoilers now would be a great time to get all caught up!

Yesterday on the Big Brother live feeds, the HGs spent most of the time lounging by the pool and working out. We started out the day with Sam telling Angela that she was hurt by Scottie because she thought he was her friend and Angela tells Sam that he was just desperate to save himself. Sam also decided early yesterday morning that she was going to quit smoking today.

Tyler and Angela talked about the chances of this week being a DE (it’s not) and decided that Haleigh and Sam would be noms and Fessy would be a renom if necessary. Angela mentions being worried about sending Fessy to jury this soon could be bad for their game, but Tyler told her that Fessy and Haleigh came to them too late in the game to get priority.

Angela talks about wanting to keep Haleigh and Fessy safe because they kept her and Tyler safe this week, but Tyler told her that Haleigh isn’t trustworthy. Tyler also told Angela about Scottie’s theory that Fessy might be the flip vote. They think that if Haleigh wins HOH she will nominate Brett and Sam and they would keep Brett over Sam. Tyler worries that if he is on the block come Thursday, he will be evicted. Angela doesn’t agree.

Tyler had a chat with Scottie later in the afternoon and Tyler told Scottie that he should talk to Sam. Scottie told him that he already talked to Sam and she forgave him, but he doesn’t think Haleigh has forgiven him. Scottie went out to talk to Haleigh after his conversation with Tyler and apologizes to her again. He mentions that he has always felt that Fessy had it out for him. He asks to talk to her more later about the way things went down.

Scottie told Brett that if somehow he stays this week he would be going after Fessy. There was a lot of lounging throughout the day but later Fessy and Haleigh have a talk about Sam. Haleigh tells Fessy that Tyler, Angela and Kaycee have all mentioned Sam as one of their targets for next week. Fessy told Haleigh that he was excited that he has been playing this week so well and Haleigh kick him down a notch by telling him that barely leaving the HOH room all day is not good gameplay.

Tyler, Kaycee and Angela have a talk about Sam and how she said she wouldn’t vote to keep Kaycee if she was told to because she would be worried someone would pin a hinky vote on her. When Tyler asked her what she meant she just said “nevermind.” Talks turn to Tyler telling Kaycee about the deal that Sam went to JC and Brett with. He tells her that he is still waiting for Brett to tell him about that deal. Kaycee tells Tyler that JC might be making it up to make Brett look shady.

They talk about the possibility of a Battle Back and how Scottie would probably win it and then go right after Fessy. Kaycee tells them that her and JC went through the weeks and with a DE there would be no Battle Back. Tyler thinks that they probably had another week built in thinking that Kaitlyn would have stayed with Sam’s power app and because that flopped a Battle Back could happen.

JC and Tyler have a talk later and JC warns Tyler not to get too close to Angela because Fessy and Haleigh will come after them if they think Tyler and Angela are coupling. JC promised Tyler that he is only loyal to Tyler in this house. Tyler talked to Kaycee later on and told her that even though it might look like he is closer with Angela, Kaycee is his F2. He tells her that he would rather lose to Kaycee than betray her.

There has been a lot of worry in the L6+JC alliance that Brett might start feeling like he is being pushed out. Last night JC made it a point to tell Tyler that they need to reel him back in so that he doesn’t flip. JC also tells Tyler about how Haleigh told Fessy that he made the wrong move this week.

Haleigh and Scottie talked late last night too and Haleigh accepted Scottie’s apology. She told him it’s just a game when he wonders why everyone keeps forgiving him for being an idiot. While this conversation went on, Brett and Tyler go over how Fessy openly admitted to going after them. They wonder if they should put Fessy and Haleigh up together or Haleigh and Sam.

It looks like this week might actually go as planned. Scottie will more than likely end up the next jury member for Big Brother 20. Make sure you come back a little later today for our poll results from yesterday’s Favorite HG Poll and tonight is an all-new episode of Big Brother! Zingbot is hosting this week’s POV Comp!

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