The POV Ceremony happened on the Big Brother 20 live feeds yesterday and everything went as planned. The most drama in the house happened between the nominees. Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to find out all the details of what happened on the Big Brother live feeds including the story behind the picture above. 

The day in the Big Brother 20 house started off with some chit chat. Kaycee tells Angela and Brett about Fessy’s pitch to her about doing what she wanted with the POV. Brett tells them about how he saw Haleigh outside crying the night before and he made sure to tell her that she was safe this week.

The feeds cut for the POV Ceremony and when the feeds come back up we find out that Kaycee didn’t use the POV and the final noms for the week are Fessy and Haleigh. After that Haleigh mentions to Brett that Fessy was getting upset with her for hanging out with all of them. She then goes to talk to Fessy.

Fessy is upset with her for hanging out with them because they put her on the block. She tells him that it’s not like she is campaigning against him (she doesn’t have to) and she just wants to be able to hang out with them. Fessy tells her that it seems like she cares about the game more than him because she won’t stay downstairs with him and she has been spending time with the other side of the house more. Haleigh points out that them spending a ton of time together isn’t good for either of their game. She tells him that she is going to let him pout for a couple more hours and then she is going to come get him. She wants him to get outside and enjoy it before they close down the yard again.

The HGs are wondering if there is going to be a battle back because they are closing the yard so early. Fessy and JC are talking about how everyone’s faces would drop if Fessy got evicted and then came right back in. Fessy hopes that it is either him or Scottie that wins it if there is one.

We then get back to the Fessy and Haleigh drama. He is upset with her because she doesn’t want to spend time with him when this could be the last few days they have to spend together. She tells him that she doesn’t want to hang out with him if he is going to have an attitude. The bickering between them goes on all day because his attitude keeps going back and forth.

Haleigh then goes to talk to Kaycee and Haleigh is told just to keep under the radar and that she has the votes to stay this week. Haleigh tells Kaycee that she is her new “person” in the house. Haleigh also talked to Angela and Haleigh tells Angela that she thinks that she has Tyler, Kaycee and Brett’s vote this week. They also talked about Angela overhearing Fessy being upset with Haleigh for hanging out with them and how Sam has been acting. They think that the only person Sam is interested in is Brett because she acts like she doesn’t like the rest of them.

There is a conversation between Tyler and JC that is worth mentioning. JC is talking with Tyler again about how the F4 of them plus Kaycee and Angela can’t happen. He is telling Tyler that they have to split them up sooner rather than later, but Tyler doesn’t want to hear any of this. JC tells Tyler that they go into a F4 with Angela and Kaycee it will hurt their chances at F2. Tyler tells JC that there is no way he is convincing Tyler to keep Haleigh over Angela or Kaycee. JC was talking about taking a shot at Angela and Kaycee if this is a DE and he wins HOH.

Tyler is getting his hair straightened by Sam and she throws Haleigh and Angela out of the bathroom but lets the guys stay. Haleigh and Angela are annoyed that Sam kicked them out and Haleigh tells Angela that she doesn’t think Sam likes other women. After Tyler’s hair is finished, he freaks out. Definitely not something he plans on doing again and then he gets called into the DR. When he comes back out he tells everyone that he was told he couldn’t keep it straight. It would look odd if in the show he had curly hair and in his DR sessions (which are supposed to appear to be real time) he has straight hair. He was told by them that he either has to change it back (wet it) or have his hair up so they can’t tell it’s straight.

JC moves on to try and convince Brett that Kaycee and Angela have to be split up. He also voices how annoyed he is about Angela seeming to like Tyler. JC also mentions that they seem to be getting closer to Haleigh. Brett suggests that if they go after them, they have to make sure they are on the block together or Tyler’s vote could stop them from splitting them up.

Late last night there is a bit of excitement in the house. The intercom was on and Kaycee tells everyone in the HOH room that she could hear everything they were talking about downstairs. Brett is worried that Sam might have heard the conversation they were having about her. He was telling Angela that Sam was getting snippy about the laundry and she told him how Sam doesn’t like him hanging out with Haleigh. Brett is freaking out. (According to our Twitter leaker, Vegas, Sam did indeed hear this conversation due to a major technical error)

JC’s plan to split up Kaycee and Angela is more a plan to split up Tyler and Angela. As of now Haleigh is safe, however, Kaycee did mentions something about how if there is a Battle Back, Haleigh would be easier to beat than Fessy. Which would guarantee that if one of them was evicted, they would stay evicted and the couple would still be split up. She didn’t seem to push the issue too much, but we will see if it comes back up in conversations throughout the next couple days. Make sure you come back in a little bit for our weekly Favorite HG poll to let me know which HG is your favorite this week.

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