Yesterday was a quiet day in the Big Brother 20 house as the HGs prepare for the Power of Veto Ceremony happening some time Monday. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out what the plan is going forward week 9 of Big Brother 20. Also, make sure you come back a little later for the Power of Veto Ceremony spoilers.

Yesterday was a pretty slow day on the feeds with Haleigh and Fessy hoping they can convince Kaycee to save one of them with the POV this week. There was a conversation with Tyler and Haleigh where Haleigh apologized for not picking a stronger competitor for the POV. She tells him that if she knew the plan she would have picked Brett. Tyler apologizes also for not keeping her in the loop about what was going on and then promises her that she won’t be alone in the house if Fessy get’s evicted this week. He tells her that this is probably a battle back week anyway and that could bring Fessy back into the house.

Later Sam and Tyler have a conversation about the plan for votes. He tells her that nothing is set in stone yet and not to make any promises either way. Tyler mentions to Sam that Haleigh and Fessy have both been throwing Sam’s name around, but Sam tells him she isn’t worried because her and Angela are close. She also suggests that Tyler team up with Angela should anything happen to her in the game.

Fessy and Haleigh are trying to figure out a way to get Kaycee to use the Veto on one of them. They talk about trying to show Kaycee that she is last in line with the alliance. Haleigh thinks that Sam would be the renom if Kaycee used it while Fessy thinks that JC might be the renom.

A little while after that conversation, Angela calls everyone to the living room. It is time to pick HNs for the week, she needs to pick three. Sam offers to be a HN for the second straight week so that Fessy or Haleigh didn’t have to be, but they don’t allow her to volunteer again. Fessy, Haleigh and Kaycee are HNs for this week.

Fessy tried to pitch to Kaycee that if she used the Veto on him or Haleigh that they would have her back completely. Kaycee goes up to Tyler and Angela and tells them about this and they think it’s funny that Fessy and Haleigh have no idea how tight Kaycee, Angela and Tyler are. The chat turns to how they hope there isn’t a Battle Back because it gives the person returning an unfair advantage of being able to leave the house and decompress. Kaycee doesn’t think there is going to be one though.

The HGs got beer and wine last night. After the booze delivery, JC is talking to Tyler, Angela and Kaycee. He is trying to convince them that he was never with Fessy. He is upset because it looks like him and Fessy were a duo. As he goes on about how BB is portraying him and Fessy, BB tells him he isn’t allowed to talk about production.

After JC leaves, Angela tells Tyler that JC is worried about evicting Fessy this week and how JC thinks that he can convince Fessy to work with them. She mentions that JC wants Sam out, but she wants Haleigh out next. Tyler agrees that Haleigh has to go next because she is going to come after them.

Later on the HGs got some treats from POP, they got cinnamon rolls thanks to a poll on Twitter (the options were cinnamon rolls or donuts). While the HGs are eating, Sam is outside alone in the yard.

The rest of the night consisted of a lot of hanging out and lounging. It looks like the plan is still the same for the POV Ceremony later today. Chances are the noms will stay the same and Fessy will be evicted come Thursday. Make sure you come back later for the POV Ceremony spoilers!

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