Tonight we will watch as the three rounds of the final HOH play out on Big Brother 20 and find out who will be the final HOH winner of the season. They will then pick someone to take to F2 and the Jury will then vote on who they want to win this season of Big Brother! Are you ready? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s Big Brother 20 finale! 

It is time for the first round of the HOH and Tyler tells us that he told Kaycee that he was going to throw this round to Kaycee, but he tells us that he doesn’t think that it’s smart for his game to throw anything at this point. We are watching as the F3 are hanging onto their jetpacks and being swung around and have things being squirt on them. JC falls just shy of the hour mark into the competition. Kaycee is telling us that she is waiting for Tyler to fall, but Tyler is holding on a little longer.

Which worked out for him because Kaycee ends up falling just two minutes later. Tyler is worried that his decision to stay on doesn’t hurt his chances of Kaycee taking him to F2. Kaycee and JC will now face off in Round 2 of the final HOH comp and the winner of that will face off against Tyler in Round 3! It is time for Round 2! In this competition, Kaycee and JC have to choose four HGs names to answer questions based on clues. Kaycee goes first and is having a hard time remembering the four HGs who were unanimously voted out of the house. She kept thinking that Sam was still in the house though. JC has a tough time with the third question. Kaycee finished in 18:55, but JC finished in 19:34! JC lost by 40 seconds!

Jury roundtable is here and Angela walks in and drops all sorts of bombs on the Jury. She tells them that JC won HOH, Kaycee won POV and voted to evict Angela. Angela also tells them about Tyler and Kaycee’s F2 deal and about the L6 alliance. They all weigh out the pros and cons of each of the F3. It sounds like they are all pretty mixed with their feelings, but we will have to find out how they vote a little later!

It is time for round 3 of the final HOH! In this comp, Kaycee and Tyler will be asked questions about the details of the season. They will watch videos that have one of the members of the Jury in it and they will have to determine if the statements are true or not. They get a point for every right answer.

  1. Both get it right
  2. Both get it right
  3. Both get it right
  4. Both get it right
  5. Both get it right
  6. Both get it right
  7. Both get it wrong
  8. Both get it wrong

After 8 rounds, there was a tie. The tiebreaker question is: In seconds, how long was the Jetpack Attack comp from start to finish?

  • Tyler answered 2002
  • Kaycee answered 3400

The answer was 3413 seconds which means Kaycee wins the final round of the HOH! After the commercial break, it is time for Kaycee to pick her F2 and she chooses to keep Tyler with her and evicts JC from the Big Brother house. Julie has told the rest of the Jurors who the ninth member of the Jury is and now it’s time for the Jury questions.

Both of them have some great answers to the Jury’s questions and they both have some great answers to the questions and it really seems like it could be anyone’s game. Who do you think had the better argument?

It is time for the voting to begin! Bayleigh, Rockstar, Fessy, Scottie, Haleigh, Brett, Sam, Angela, and JC all cast their votes! Before the votes are read off, we get to chat with Steve, Swaggy C, Winston, Rachel, and Kaitlyn! During this, Swaggy asked Bayleigh to marry him and she said yes! Now it’s time for the votes!

  • JC – Tyler
  • Angela – Tyler
  • Sam – Kaycee
  • Brett – Tyler
  • Haleigh – Tyler
  • Scottie – Kaycee
  • Fessy – Kaycee
  • Rockstar – Kaycee
  • Bayleigh – Kaycee

By a vote of 5-4, Kaycee is the winner of BB20! The winner of the AFP vote is Tyler!

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