Tonight we will watch as the HGs in the Big Brother 20 house battle it out in the Power of Veto competition! Before the comp kicks off, we will find out who the Hacker has chosen to play this week with Angela, Rockstar and Tyler. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 and feel free to join in the conversation in the comments below! 

We started tonight’s episode off with the Hacker renom ceremony and everyone trying to figure out who the Hacker is. Scottie is worried that the plan might be to BD him and stop him from being able to play in the Veto. Haleigh is telling Bayleigh and Rockstar that this whole Hacker thing is crazy. Everyone seems to think that Scottie is the Hacker, but JC legitimately asked Tyler if he was the Hacker and put himself up on the block.

Tyler thinks that it’s Bayleigh because it would pit him against Scottie. Take Scottie down, replace him with Tyler, makes it look like Scottie saved himself and targeted Tyler. Angela is telling JC and Kaycee that they also think it’s Bayleigh because she is acting really weird lately.

Angela and Kaycee come up with a plan that they are going to tell Bayleigh that they are going to keep noms the same if they win the Veto. They think that Bayleigh is the Hacker and that if she knows that Kaycee wants to keep the noms the same then Kaycee will be able to get to play. The more people from L6 that play in the Veto, the better Tyler’s odd are to come back down.

Meanwhile, Haleigh and Fessy are talking in the bathroom when Bayleigh comes out and tells them that Kaycee really wants to play in the Veto. When it’s time to pick players for the Veto, the Hacker shows up on the screen and picks Kaycee to compete in the POV Comp. Kaycee is super excited and Angela is now convinced that Bayleigh is the hacker because of the seeds they planted earlier. Now we have Kaycee, Tyler, Rockstar, and Angela in the POV. Angela will pick the other two players. She picks Scottie and herself which means she gets to choose who she wants to play. She chooses Brett.

Mr. Pec-tacular is there to host the POV. In this comp, the HGs will be rolling a ball over the platform shown in the picture above and then run to the other side and roll it back. Every time their balls goes over the center, they get a point, but if their ball drops, they have to start over. If they don’t make the number of points or are the last HG to get them at the end of the round, they will be eliminated. When they are eliminated, they get a gift, but the person eliminated after them can take trade gifts with them. One of those gifts is the POV.

In the first round, the HGs need to get 25 points to move on and Scottie is the first to make it, Brett is second, Kaycee is third, Tyler is fourth and Angela is fifth. Rockstar is eliminated and gets the POV in her box. The second round the HGs have to get 35 points to move on and Kaycee is first, Brett is second, Scottie is third and Tyler is fourth. Angela is eliminated and gets Jesse’s fitness and food program, she trades it to Rockstar for the Veto. The third round the HGs need 40 points and Brett is first, Scottie is second and Tyler is third. Kaycee is eliminated and gets a trip to Hawaii and decides to keep it.

The fourth round they need 50 points to move on and Scottie and Tyler are safe at the same time and Brett is eliminated. He gets his gift of Health Nut and he doesn’t want that. He wants Kaycee’s trip to Hawaii and trades for her gift. Before the final round, Scottie tries to get Tyler to throw the comp to him, but he tells us that he doesn’t want to throw it to Scottie because he doesn’t completely trust him. In the final round, Tyler and Scottie have to race to 100 points and Tyler is the first to 100. When Scottie is eliminated he picks his gift and gets $5000 and he decides that he wants the POV, but Angela is determined to keep it. She tells him that promises him safety and Tyler tells them that’s his Veto. Angela tells them both she wants to keep the POV, it’s her HOH.

Tyler gets the Insta-Granny prize in his box and Angela tells Tyler that she will use the POV on him if she lets her keep it. Tyler decides that he isn’t going to piss off Scottie by taking his $5000 and decides that he is going to take Brett’s trip to try and disguise their alliance together. Angela gets to keep the POV.

After the POV comp, Tyler and Angela are talking in the lounge and Angela is freaking out that she doesn’t know that her keeping the Veto like that was a smart move. He tells her that he trusts her completely. It is now time to take a look at the punishments from the comp. Kaycee has to dress up as a peanut and sing a jingle and work out every time the music comes on. She is a fitness nut. Rockstar is dressed like a chef and every time she hears Jesse’s voice come over the speakers she has to cook something while working out. The first one we see is her doing laps in the yard while shaking a smoothy.

Bayleigh goes up to the HOH to try and talk Angela into taking Rockstar off the block and replacing her with Scottie. She tells her this would be a huge move for her. It is now time for the Veto Meeting and Angela tells the nominees that she has decided to take Tyler off the block. She tells everyone that this has been a frustrating week for her with the Hacker. She tells them that she has known who it is the whole time and all the conversations with the Hacker have been to plant seeds. Angela tells Bayleigh to take a seat next to Rockstar. Bayleigh tells them that she is not the Hacker. Angela tells Bayleigh that she tried to take over her HOH after having her own and tells her that her Power Trip is over.

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