Tonight on Big Brother 20, we will watch as Haleigh chooses two people to nominate for eviction. After the nomination ceremony, the Hacker Comp will take place and the winner will decide if they want to hack this week’s nominations. If you don’t want to wait to find out who Haleigh’s nominations are or who won the Hacker comp and what they decided to do, you can find all the details in our Big Brother spoilers!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 off with the aftermath of the HOH comp. Tyler tells us that Haleigh being the HOH this week is the worst possible outcome this week, but luckily he has a Power App. The Hive is celebrating having the power this week, problem is, there is still a Hacker Comp that could derail this week for her.

Sam is having a tough time after Bayleigh’s eviction. She tells us that Bayleigh was the only one in the house that she felt like cared about her outside of her own game. Meanwhile, Tyler and Kaycee are talking about how over Sam and her personal game play has been for them. He tells us that he let Sam in on his secret Power App, but she tells us that she doesn’t believe him. She thinks he is lying to her about it for his own personal game.

Haleigh is holding her one on ones and she is talking to Rockstar about who she should put up. Haleigh tells Rockstar that her plan this week is to BD Tyler, but she needs to come up with her initial noms. She is thinking about Angela and Kaycee or Angela and Sam. L6’s plan is to convince Haleigh to put Sam up as a nom so that they don’t end up with two alliance members on the block this week.

Brett is being all flirty and pretending to be on her side so that he can go back to his alliance and tell them everything that Haleigh is planning. He’s doing a pretty good job at it too. Angela goes in for her one on one with Haleigh and she is talking about how Sam is acting like she wants to go home. Angela is telling Haleigh that she hates when people complain about not wanting to be there and is reminding her that Sam put her up when she was HOH. Haleigh tells us that she will absolutely consider putting Sam up, next to Angela.

Sam goes in to talk to Haleigh and Haleigh tells her that Angela threw her under the bus. She tells Haleigh that she feels like she is the only real person in the house and she is stuck in there with a bunch of psychos. She talks about how if she finds out that anyone in there is making her look dumb she will pull their lip clear over their head and make them regret the day they were born. She has been really emotional, to say the least.

Haleigh is talking to Tyler and he is trying to figure out if he is getting BD’d this week or if she is putting him up in her initial nominations. She tells him that she is thinking about not putting him up at all and he pinky promises her that he will use the Hacker and Veto the way she wants if he wins them. It is now time for the nomination ceremony.

Haleigh has decided to nominate Angela and Kaycee. She tells them that she put Angela up because she thinks that Angela will come after her now that she knows Haleigh was the hacker when Angela was HOH. She tells Kaycee that she puts her up because they don’t talk much and she needed a second nominee. Tyler is happy that Haleigh wants to BD him, he is really excited about this.

Haleigh has Brett come up to ask him if he would keep the noms the same if he won the Hacker and he agrees to do so, to keep his cover. It is now time for the Hacker Comp! In this comp, they will be shown pictures from inside the BB house and they will have to name the room that the picture was taken in. For each question they get right, they get a point and the HG with the most points after seven rounds wins!

After three rounds, Kaycee has a perfect score, but there are three HGs behind her with one point on the board. After three rounds, Tyler, JC and Brett don’t have any points on the board. Kaycee still has three points after the fourth round and Scottie is in second with two points. After the fifth round, Kaycee is still in the lead, but Sam, Brett and Scottie are tied for second with two points. After the sixth round, Kaycee has four points, Scottie is in second with three points. After the last round, Kaycee doesn’t answer the question right, but neither does Scottie. Kaycee wins the Hacker Comp this week!

After the Comp, Kaycee tells Angela that she put peanuts in her pocket before the comp and she won! Tyler walks into the HN room with them and she tells him that she won too and he is super excited too. Kaycee tells Tyler not to tell anyone though. JC goes up to the HOH and tells Haleigh to please tell him that they got it, but she doesn’t know if anyone on her side has it or not. We ended tonight’s episode off with the Hacker Renom Ceremony where the Hacker decides to remove Kaycee from the block and puts Rockstar up as a replacement. Rockstar is not happy about this at all.

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