Tonight we will get to watch the HGs as they battle it out in the Power of Veto comp on Big Brother 20! If you don’t want to wait to find out who the POV Players are, who the POV winner is or what happened at the POV Ceremony, check out my Big Brother spoilers for all the details. Otherwise, make sure you refresh this page frequently for all the details of tonight’s episode! 

We start this episode off with a look at the aftermath of the Hacker Renom. Haleigh is not happy about her HOH being hacked, but hopes that she will be able to BD Tyler anyways. Meanwhile, Rockstar is mad that she is on the block again and her, Haleigh and Fessy are trying to figure out who is the Hacker. Kaycee talks to Tyler about picking him for the Veto and he is fine with that because if he wins, he can hold onto his app one more week.

Sam is talking to Tyler and she is telling him that she feels like she is losing her mind in this house. She tells him that she is worried that she is going to look dumb at the end of this. Tyler brings her into the HN room and he is trying to talk her down and make her feel better about being in the house even though she feels like she doesn’t belong there.

He then goes up to talk to Haleigh. Haleigh is telling him anything she has to in order to make him feel safe. He tells us that he isn’t worried because even if he doesn’t win the Veto, he still has his power app to save him from being nominated.

Kaycee is trying to help Sam clean the drain in the bathroom and when she goes back into the kitchen with the tea kettle, Rockstar tells Kaycee that there are six other people in the house that could have gone up. Kaycee tells her that she didn’t win the Hacker and there is no reason for her to come at her like that. Rockstar tells her that she has been put up three times now and Kaycee tells her “welcome to Big Brother.” Kaycee tells her that she isn’t safe either and Rockstar tells her that they will see who is picked for the POV.

It’s time to pick players for the Veto, the Hacker comes up and picks Tyler for the POV. Haleigh picks the first chip and it’s Rockstar’s and because she is a nom, she gets to pick someone and she picks Fessy to play. Angela’s chip and she is the other nom so she picks Kaycee to play.

It is time for the Veto Comp! It’s OTEV! For anyone that doesn’t know how this comp works, OTEV will give the HGs questions and they will have to find cards with the names of the two evicted HGs that answer the question. When they find the answer, they have to run up the ramp and sit in front of OTEV. If they are the last person up there or if they answer the question wrong, they are eliminated.

The first question is who are the evicted HGs that were HOH (Kaitlyn and Bayleigh)? Tyler is the first one up, Fessy is second, Haleigh is third, Angela is fourth and Rockstar is fifth. They all answer the question correctly and Kaycee is eliminated. The next question is who are the evicted HGs that were nominated by a male HOH (Winston and Steve)? Haleigh, Tyler, Rockstar and Fessy get up to the top first and they all answer correctly and Angela is eliminated.

The third question is who are the evicted HGs who became a renom during a Veto Ceremony (Swaggy and Bayleigh). Tyler, Haleigh and Rockstar make it up first and answer correctly and Fessy is eliminated. The fourth question is which evicted HGs were the last two to be evicted before jury (Kaitlyn and Rachel)? Tyler was the first up, Rockstar came up after and compares her answer to Tyler’s and he realizes that he has the wrong answer (he had Rachel and Bayleigh). He runs back down to look for the right answer and still makes it to the top before Haleigh. Him and Rockstar are still there and she asks him not to f*** her. They both answer correctly and Haleigh is eliminated.

The final question is which HGs were evicted with 8 or more votes (Swaggy and Kaitlyn)? Rockstar makes it up to the top first, but she has the wrong answer. Tyler has the right answer which means Rockstar has been eliminated and Tyler wins the POV! Haleigh is mad because she knows that she can’t BD Tyler now because he won the POV. Haleigh is trying to figure out who to put up next to Rockstar to make sure she stays.

We end the episode off with the Power of Veto Meeting. Tyler tells Haleigh that he knows she wants him to use the POV on Rockstar, but he takes everyone back to last week and reminds her that if it were up to Haleigh, he wouldn’t even be here. He decided to use the POV on Angela and Haleigh names Kaycee as a renom. Kaycee and Rockstar are the final nominations this week.

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